Honored Social Butterfly

Birthdays, Deaths and other announcements

Bob Dylan was 79 on 5/24


Stevie Nicks is 72 today 5/26

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 20th:


Danny Cedrone(Bill Haley&the Comets), deceased

Chet Adkins, deceased

Billy Guy (Coasters)

Alan Longmuir(Bay city rollers), deceased


Honored Social Butterfly

June 20


Brian Wilson.             78


Anne Murray.             75


Lionel Richie.             71


Michael Anthony (Van Halen).   66


John Taylor (Duran Duran).         60


Dan Tyminski  (Union Station).    53


Grace Potter.           37

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 19th:


Al Wilson

Robin Box (White Plains)

Simon Wright (AC/DC)

Ben Haggerty (Stage name Macklemore)


Honored Social Butterfly

June 19


Tommy DeVito  (4 Seasons)      92!!


Spanky McFarland.       78


Ann Wilson.         70


Larry Dunn (Earth Wind & Fire)   67


Mike DeBarge     61


Paula Abdul.       58


Brian Vander Ark (Verve Pipe).   56


Scott Avett.     44

Honored Social Butterfly

Joey Dee.            80


Graham Russell (Air Supply)   70


Donnie Van Zant (38 Special). 68

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 11th:


John Lawton (Uriah Heep)

Glenn Leonard (Temptations)

Richard Palmer-Jones (King Crimson,

founding member of Supertramp)

Frank Beard (ZZ Top)

Social Butterfly

Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine / Audioslave )

Birthdate: May 30, 1964

Honored Social Butterfly

May 30:


Wynonna Judd   56


Tom Morello       56


Cee Lo Green      45

Honored Social Butterfly

I hope everyone got to see the liftoff. It was awesome. Today's cameras are amazing!

Honored Social Butterfly

May 31:


Peter Yarrow   82


Corey Hart      58



Honored Social Butterfly

June 1:


Pat Boone       86


Ron Wood       73


Alanis Morissette   46


Brandi Carlile    39


Gold Conversationalist

Papa John Creach 05/28/1917 of Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna & Jefferson Starship .... R.I.P

Honored Social Butterfly

For those of you who get AXS on your cable or satellite:


Live From Daryl's (Hall) House is on at 9 PM on Sunday.

These are not new shows but still fun to watch.

This Sunday Daryl visits Darius Rucker in Charleston SC.

I have seen this before and it is very good.

Honored Social Butterfly

May 29:


Gary Brooker (Procol Harum)  75

LeToya Jackson.    64

Melissa Etheridge  59

Melanie Brown (Scary Spice).  45

Gold Conversationalist

Wendy O. Williams 05/28/1949 of The Plasmatics...R.I.P 

Gold Conversationalist

Stevie (Stephanie Lynn) Nicks 5/26/1948

Honored Social Butterfly

May 28:


Gladys Knight.     76

Billy Vera.             76

John Fogerty       75

Kylie Minogue.    52

Silver Conversationalist

Lenny Kravitz  5/26/1964                                                                          I have posted birthdays for the replies that I have put down. 

Honored Social Butterfly

5/27 Ramsey Lewis is 85 today

Honored Social Butterfly

Fab 4️⃣ Birthdays

Sir Paul  6/18/42- turning 78

John Lennon 10/9/40
George Harrison 2/25/43-11/29/2001

Sir Ringo 7/7/40- turning 80


Also John Lennon was assassinated

on December 8, 1980, which happens 

to be my birthday. I raise a glass to

him every year in remembrance

Social Butterfly

 John Lennon 1940-1980


I take the train to the city every 12/9 and visit with the folks at Strawberry Fields across from the Dakota.


When we were younger we'd walk to the 72nd St. entrance where they'd put up a little guard shack. We'd walk to the middle of the street (not too close) with beers in our hands and look at the guard.  The guard would look us over then give us a little nod. And we'd pour the beer out onto the street. All twelve ounces. Took a few seconds. Sometimes stopped traffic. Usually they wouldn't blow their horns at us. They knew. 









Honored Social Butterfly

Here are a few more who had birthdays earlier this year - - -


Elton John, 73 on Mar 25

David Gilmour, 74 Mar 6

Stephen Stills, 75 on Jan 3

Jimmy Page, 76 on Jan 9

Roger Daltrey, 76 on Mar 1

John Kay, 76 on Apr 12

Graham Nash, 78 on Feb 2

Neil Diamond, 79 on Jan 24

Willie Nelson, 87 on Apr 29



"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
Silver Conversationalist

Cher /5 /20/ 1946 

Silver Conversationalist

Bob Seger /1945.                                                                                         Billy Joel. 5/9/ 1949

Silver Conversationalist

Bob Seger. 5/6/2945

Honored Social Butterfly

For those of you who get Epix on your cable or satellite:



There is a show premiering on Sunday 5/31 @ 9 PM

 "Laurel Canyon".  It is about the singers and groups from California in the late 60s and 70s.

Honored Social Butterfly

Klaus Meine was 72 yesterday (5/25).


Bono celebrated 60 on 5/10.



"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
Honored Social Butterfly

Celebrating  their 75th birthday this year - - - 


Eric Clapton on 3/30.


Ritchie Blackmore on 4/14.


Pete Townsend on 5/19.




"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
Honored Social Butterfly

June 25th is Global Beatles Day. Same date every year. Annual holiday to honor and celebrate the 

ideals of the Beatles. It commemorates their

participation in the BBC program Our World in 1967, performing “All you need is love” which was broadcasted to an international audience. It’s my

Christmas in June 😎


Honored Social Butterfly

May 24th:


Patti LaBelle   76

Rosanne Cash. 65

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