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...A BAND ON THE ROCKS - Excerpt #5 (AC/DC)

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...A BAND ON THE ROCKS - Excerpt #5 (AC/DC)

(From "BABYSITTING A BAND ON THE ROCKS" - available at Newbury Comics locations throughout the Northeast and online at > Webstore > Books). 


"Watching AC/DC open the Grammy Awards 35 years after I met them was more déjà vu than Memory Lane. Brian Johnson’s vocal chords displayed no less power and his pitch remained perfect (at least to my ears) as he growled his way through his predecessor Bon Scott’s signature “Highway to Hell.” His hobbit-like frame still stood firmly in command of center stage, the same black tee and denim form-fitting his now sixty-plus frame, the same black work boots and Andy Capp cap serving as vertical bookends. Angus Young refused to hang up his English schoolboy outfit despite his increasingly crinkly kneecaps, and he duck-walked with all the energy of the bouncy Chuck Berry imitator that I led onstage with my Maglite back in 1980.


Ripping through power cords, Angus gripped tight to his high-slung Gibson SG just as he had in the months before the world would wake up to Back in Black, the exquisite Aussie metal masterpiece that had just been released and would go on to be one of the biggest selling records of all time..."


Review Link to Classic Rock History


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