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Tiny Living

Tiny living simply means to downsize your lifestyle. Less is more, believe me. We relocated to a Tiny home in CA, which is a state that has great weather, yet expensive living costs. So you just have to be creative to make it work. This is a Cavco brand park model in an RV resort community. We chose one just outside of Palm Springs with lower park space rents. You can go into PS, although pay a bit more for the space. this all depends on your financial ability. This post is just to let you know it can be done. ours is 400 sq ft, the size of your 2 car garages approximately.  I will post more about downsizing and how easy it can be as well as an added income, plus you will not be putting the burden of liquidating your unnecessary items on your children. First I wanted to see what kind of replies and feedback I get from all of you and see who really is interested in downsizing. Plus downsizing you can still live in your own home if you want to and need all the space, just start to get rid of some of your "STUFF". I can post lots of options if you are interested. Living full time in an RV and still make an income, and aboard a boat are 2 of them. So please let me know if you wish me to continue with this topic. Thank you, and happy retirement.


Tiny Home CAVCO Park Model 400 sq ftTiny Home CAVCO Park Model 400 sq ft

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You can donate them to relatives who might want them. Ask. You can donate to charity. Have a giveaway or yard sale. Your heirlooms are STUFF to your kids. They will have the burden of cleaning out the house if you can't. If your health fails, what will happen?

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Thank you. In a previous posted reply I mention about seeking out museums who may want your family heirlooms and have a plaque with them with your family name as the donators.    Why not sell what you do not need and enjoy your winters in a with more mad money to spend?  Are there areas where you reside in summer that have tiny homes? Or could you place one on your land and live it while you rent out your home for additional income? also look to other family members who may want some family items, nieces, grandnieces, nephews, grandnephews etc. Even some inlaws perhaps.

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I also have a lot of things I was saving "for when the kids grew up and had their own family".  They also don't want lots of stuff and I find now that they are older they don't always have as strong a memory or connection to them than I do.  I take pictures and give them to a new owner who can make their own memories.  My aunt gave a charming easter bunny doll set to my daughter.  She hardly ever played with it, but I couldn't bear to give it away.  We gave it to our grand niece this year and she loves it.  Now it is loved again.

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Quite often in today's society and lifestyles, a generation is often skipped when passing down family possessions and heirlooms. Just as long as a family member within the family gets it. Imagine not having offspring, then possessions are left to nieces, nephews and grand nieces and grand nephews at times. Many families are unable to even take possession of family items due to the size or their financial situations. The days of Mom and Dad and children in households have changed so we all must change with them. Also, you might donate items to specific organizations and/or museums in your family's name. This way the items will be shown forever and the name of the family who donated it will be on record and shown with the items. There are all sorts of museums seeking specific items to display for others to see,  Perhaps sell an item if valuable and leave portions of the monies to family members. Just some ideas for you to ponder. Good luck with your plans.

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Sounds interesting!


I really would enjoy downsizing and not having to maintain a yard and exterior. So much else I'd rather spend my time, energy, and money on!

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Thank you for your comments. Saving money and having less to do allows you to travel if you wish.

Having less to do allows us more time to do what it is we enjoy and want to do. Let me know if you want more info about tiny living. I will be posting more about how selling many of your household items not only helps to eliminate them, it also allows you to make some additional income. Also, you can donate items and write them off on taxes if necessary. After all how many pairs of shoes can you wear at once? The same goes for other articles of clothing. It is also an opportunity for parents to pass down items to the children they wish to have them and it eliminates the responsibility for children to go through parent's items once they have passed over. Message me for more info if any of you wish. I look forward to your replies and comments in here also.

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