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Retire, been there did that, I was medically discharged from the Navy Dec 10,1999 so I tried Tread Quatrers in Va Beach for a year then got tired or cars, so I went to work for teh city of Va ebach as a fenceig and fabrication tech for the city schools, after I found out all teh dirty little secrets of the city, I sold my house and moved to the middle of nowhere in NE North Carolina, I mean the MIDDLE its a half an hour drive to all the local towns, Ahoskie, ScottlandNeck, Murfreesboro a,d Jackson ( the countr seat) 

I retired early today three years ago, and I realized that sitting around teh house was goig to put me in a box, I'm only 56, I'll be 57 in May and I took a Job at Anns House of Nuts in Robersonville working the wekend night shift for about a thanks, money was Great, but The huse werent LOL, so I held out till I got hired by teh state as a General utility worker and a mechanic sho[p, they think I'm totally nuts, but if they need somebody whos preception of safety is old schol, guess who they call LOL

I'm totally convinced that as long as I'm working I'll remail verticle, I watched my grand dad retire and last a year, my dad retired and laster a year, I dont wanna retire and last a year, I havent see what happens next yet

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Whatever works for you. I retired at 56 too, but I had enough activities and never missed working. The wife went back to work for awhile after we had traveled for two years. Everyone is in a different place with different interests and different activities available to them depending on where they live.

   If you live in the 'middle of nowhere', you have limited activities. I'm in a far suburb of Chicago with endless volunteer activities as well as access to Chicago and all the suburbs.

"...Why is everyone a victim? Take personal responsibility for your life..."
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