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SNAP Benefits

As An AARP member for 13 years, AARP is nothing more than marketing products toward older adults ( as you probably know)

I am using this forum to get older adults to address food insecurity.  With the end of the special pandemic funds my SNAP went from 501/month to 27. I urge all who read this to contact their state and congressional reps to repair this problem.  I am in trouble for feeding myself and my wife.

Also I already have a part time job that a 69 can possibly find.


Please act now to force the government to take care of Elders.


Thank you

Ken Teribury

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That’s a big dive - Seems out of proportion since there was supposed to be a 25% increase + the Thrift Food Plan - those are things that happened irregardless of the pandemic extra funding.  yes the pandemic extra funding went away the first part of March 2023 - but these other programs and increases should have kicked in.  


Here is a detailed review of how the post-pandemic SNAP should work along with state contact.  

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities 03/03/2023 


For a drop that much in SNAP benefits, it sounds like you and wife maybe close to the eligibility limits.  OR maybe your family composition changed in the last few years.


It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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