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I never imagined my how my life would be once I reached retirement.  I was so busy working I had little time for hobbies.  Now that I am retired I feel so alone.  Trying to connect with people is difficult due to my current physical frailness...but I am hopeful that as my strength improves I will be able to get out and mingle with the masses.  So many seniors have companion dogs.  One of these days my life will improve and I can get back to living.

How I miss family and a life without loneliness.



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How are you today?  I like your subject title "Senior Orphan".


I really like the image you have inserted in your post.  How did you do that?

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Thank you ToniS.

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Hiya, Toni! I hope that both Simplegal and you are doing well. There have been a lot of days pass between when she posted and even when you posted too. If you wanted to know though how to insert a picture into your postings here, I found this for you. It seems to be the official guide to putting pictures into your AARP forum postings. Here is the link, just click.


Maybe others have mentioned, maybe not so much but that smile that you're wearing in your profile photo, it looks really nice on you! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I hope that you have many occasions to wear it for!   😊



It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.
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Sorry to hear you're having a tough time with retirement.  Have you tried Facebook, etc, to connect up with old friends, acquaintances, etc?  Senior centers might be a good place to meet new people.  Get a smart phone so you can surf the web/read emails and otherwise look independent if you find yourself getting self-conscious in a new social setting.

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