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Cheapism: "

Cheapism: "30 things every retiree should get rid of" 


This is a great article; when it came to the books, I finally found out how bad my "habit" was 😉





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I like articles like that and I've rid myself of some, not all, of those things that it mentions. I enjoy being able to carry 200 books around as easily as I could carry one small one before on my Kindle. But some people just love the "feel" of a book. To them, that's great but it's much easier to keep the dust off my Kindle than it ever was to maintain shelf after shelf in a library. And if I can't find the book in Kindle form, my local library can usually obtain a physical copy for me. (99.9% of the time) And there are sites that loan electronic book for free through ones local library. They also loan magazines that can be read electronically. For me, it's a great convenience but I understand that it's not for everyone.


I think that as long as what you have that you don't mind caring for and if it doesn't cause any health or safety issues then that decision should be entirely yours. I like those articles though because it "guilts" me into getting rid of a few things here and there. I only had a storage unit once, long ago, because of a divorce. So I quickly found myself need an extra space to store my "treasures". I still have far too many clothes so maybe today, I'll be inspired to let some more of those go but if not, it'll be okay. I'm working my way towards a more minimalistic way of life but that I'll ever get as minimal as I'd like to remains to be seen. But it was a pleasure reading your post. Thanks for sharing! It's a pleasant respite from all the tensions in some of these other forums.



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While I have done an excellent job of getting rid of many, many things - I have kept the things that I enjoy and still live in a very big house with a giant yard.  I also have lots of original artwork - 2D and 3D.  This is where I enjoy living and enjoy how I live.  Take this away and I won't really be living. 


In fact the place looks rather sparse - but that is fine.  I like specific books and authors - same with music.  But fine art seems the real culprit -  perhaps i should line up a Museum for these items - who knows.


A friend of mine whom is many years older than me told me that her kids can handle whatever is remaining and at that time she won't care !  I have adopted that philosophy too - 


There are also people who have clutter and collections bordering on hoarding - and some of them become rather famous.  Every hear of Marian Stokes. ?

PBS: The Marian Stokes Project 

Recorded American television 24 hours a day for over 30 years 


Yea - she was a recluse and a hoarder.  So ya never know - one person's junk is another's treasure. 

Keep stacking those books, if you want to -  W.W.Woman  😌



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Wow, I so much relate to this way you have also. Books and art lives forever and ever. As long we donate to some library, otherwise those kids can lose them. Best to you, AV
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