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Retirees, Tell Us About Yourself!

  1. Joined AARP in October 2019.
  2. Retired July 2020.
  3. Searching for a TINY COTTAGE to rent in Salem, Virginia.
  4. Moved into my CUTE Studio Apartment in August 2018.
  5. Missing my outside clothes line, sipping cafè on my porch, outside gardening and peace and quiet with nature.
  6. Proud mom of one daughter who lives in Florida. She is a Software Tester.
  7. Divorced.

Now your turn 🙂 We would luv to hear from you!

Bronze Conversationalist

1. Joined AARP maybe in 2016, can't remember exactly.

2. Retired 19 Dec 19

3. My daughter is working towards a multidisciplinary degree from Eastern Washington U that she'll use as a disabilities advocate.

4. My daughter in law is graduating soon with a second master's, this one in health systems design from UTAustin.

5. My son is pursuing a master's in Data, Economics and Development Policy  (aimed at finding better solutions for economic and social injustice at community level) from MIT.

6. After 20+ years working from home and a year of Covid (I don't mean I had covid, but have been isolating), I'm yearning to get out of the condo, meet new friends, take classes, go on trips, and have a social life that's not just online! 

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