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NEED ADVOCATE: Employer obstructing release of lump sum retirement distribution

I am in the process of retiring from the University of California, and requested a lump sum distribution. The benefits analyst requested my divorce settlement to find out if my ex had a lien against my retirement. I WAS TOLD THAT THEY WOULD NOT HAVE REQUESTED THAT IF I HAD ASKED FOR THE MONTHLY PAYMENTS INSTEAD. It gets worse. After the analyst looked at my Marriage Settlement Agreement (for a marriage lasting from 1996-2005), she requested that I contact my ex and negotiate a revised MSA that explicitly says that there is no lien against my retirement. I was only employed for four years during my marriage and have 17 years of service with the UC. And, the current MSA includes a Waiver of Final Disclosure and a Waiver of Rights in Respective Estates. The last waiver explicitly waives all rights to any of my property, including community or quasi-community property. Is there anyone in the AARP (or other agency) that can provide guidance as to next steps? This appears to be a systemic move on the part of the UC to disenfranchise retirees. Other strategies include (I'm not exaggerating): 3 hour wait times on the phone, a secure message box that goes to an anonymous call center, and analysts who insist on remaining anonymous, and results that are only reported back verbally.

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What a mess of red tape!

I can only say that I hope you do find the help you need to clear this up.


Stay well,


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