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Contacting Social Security for Status Updates


Contacting Social Security for Status Updates

Hi Everyone ... Does anyone have any tips about contacting SSA and actually talking to an analysts rather than a customer service rep? I have been trying to speak to an actual human being for 4.5 months with no success. The customer service reps are pleasant enough if you can even get through; often I am on hold so long that their system just cuts me off. I have tried my local office, the national number (they said they are only a phone answering service with no access to anything), and even tried calling another office in the same state. I get nowhere. I have left messages for the analyst assigned to my case to get in touch with me .. they never do. NEVER! Any ideas on how to proceed?Should I contact my congressional reps?


Thanks, Frank

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You may want to get your social security advice elsewhere.  The GAO found that reps at Social Security are not trained and frequently give incorrect information.

there are some financial advisors specially trained in social security matters and analysis.



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I think contacting your Congressperson's office might be your best move - if that helps at all.


Is this on the same matter that you posted about before? 


If so, and it involves a substantial amount or is important to you (would be me) then I would suggest that putting the whole matter in writing with copies of documents that you have substantiating your problem.  Then following it via correspondence rather than phone calls.  Get the contact info for the party whom you should address from your Congressperson's office. (an actual person - office - direct address) 

Whenever I had a complicated matter with some government office, the only way I got it reconciled was to have a conversation with the same person and let them follow it through - corresponding back and forth with (just) them.  It may take awhile but that's just government at work.


You might have to find help on your own -Here's the chart - what about Regional Commissioners or below them - this one:

Assoc Commsnr,
Office of Customer
Cynthia R. Bennett - Organizational Chart 

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