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item gone before I can check out

I just wanted to share some frustration & hope this can be fixed.


So I go on at 11 exactly, put the item in my cart check out immediately & it tells me the item is sold out. I know there is a way there can be a hold on items in carts for a certain amount of time before the "fall out" if you will, and become available again. I do not & never will store my payment info.


Can this please be fixed to where the items are sold out once they are in carts & then give the people that have the items in their carts at least 5 min to check out?



In Rewards for Good, one had 20 minutes to complete the transaction once the item was in the cart. I have suggested many times that something equivalent be done for this current program; it would be a great enhancement. I would love to hear from a community manager on this subject; I know that an answer has not occured before, but I believe in hope.

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Purchasing the popular daily deals is frustrating, and the AARP website can't handle the traffic to complete the transaction.  I have gotten the message "something went wrong"  or Gateway error and can't complete the transaction.  Once the item is in the cart, AARP should allow the purchase to go through with ample time to check out. 


Same thing happened to me at 12:01 EST. It was in my cart, but by the time I tried to pay for it, it was gone.

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Same here it was in my cart but then it said sold out.  Why not let us know  this earlier. So disappointing to say finally I got through only to be let down again. 

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