Beware of the Trivia Game in earn

I played one trivia game today thinking it would be a nice alternative to a video for gaining 300 points. Full of traps that game! I actually lost 1000 points for 2tries redemption and 1500 points for Speedster redemption. No doubt it must have been explained and I did not see the explanations, not expecting to be tricked in a game under earn (not redeem)! 

I did get the 300 points though. Wow!

Way to go AARP, scheming to scam!



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@a170938b Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Right Again! Trivia game. Have you had an opportunity to check out all of the rules for the Trivia game? I encourage you to visit our site if you'd like to see more about how to play:

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Thank you, Janelle, for your answer. I don't need to as I am not wild for Trivia and I do not like traps. I just put the messaage out as a warning for people who may be surprised in being entrapped.

They are so many free games on your site and on other safe sites that the hassle is not needed.

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