Would like to see less sweepstakes

Just submitting my opinion.  I would like to see less sweepstakes and more 'for points' redemptions.  Currently, there are 15 sweepstakes on the Redeem page and the same 'for points' redemption options that have been there most/all of the month (Trelawear/Digital Legacy/Good Trust/Spotify).  I might be wrong but it appears that these offerings have minimal appeal.


I much rather have extra 100/$10 or 200/$5 rewards for points than 10 winners for $100 sweepstakes.  At least more of us would get something for our points. 


Again, this is just my opinion.


I agree as well. Spending points for the *chance* to win something just seems... disrespectful. If our points are worth something, we should be able to get *something* for them.

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Spending way more points every day on all the sweepstakes (which I'll never win anyway) than I am earning.  And the rewards for points are pitiful.

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Anyplace else besides here, our suggestions and concerns would be considered helpful an appreciated, but are wasted and fall on deaf ears with the people running this program. It’s really sad that our rewards program has come to this. We had some problems with the old R4G’s program but nothing like we are experiencing today. AARP is missing a wonderful opportunity to provide its members with a fun, rewarding and exciting rewards program.

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Agreed! I saw that two new ones were added today, Safeway and CVS. I would have eagerly redeemed points for a gift card to either one or both of these. Saw that there was a $5 Bath & Body Works for points but can't even buy a bottle of hand soap from them with that. 🙂


I agree with you. Less sweepstakes that favor a few people only; more points only cards that might be actually useful. Suggestions: Walmart, Sam. Target, Amazon for instance. It would be great if the Instant Win could go back to one a day.


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