No New Daily instant Win 7/28

@AARPTeri  For the second day in a row, no new Daily Instant Win has been added to the Rewards Catalog.  When will they return?

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@gm5271 @GitaG508487   

We are making new updates to the instant wins - they are not going away!  You guys don't miss a beat!  I will be posting a notice about it soon!  
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Teri thanks for quick reply

I never thought they'd end but had high hopes would return to 1a day 100 winners .... oh well


Ginger :  )

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I wouldn't be surprised if the incessant complaining (and calling out some of the winners) has caused the admins to discontinue the instant wins altogether....

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Hi Teri 

We're down to 5 Daily Instant Wins  😞 

🤔A thought and hope... does this mean y'all are setting up return to old ways?  One card with 100 wins each day?? no longer lasting 7 days for 100 wins? 

A girl can hope🤗🙏👍

Thanks! Appreciate any info

Have an awesome day all

Ginger  ;  )



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