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On May 13, I tried to purchase the "Daily Deal" gift card for Michael's.  It was a $15 gift card for $10.  After several attempts and being told I had already puherchased it when I hadn't, I finally thought I was all set.  I got an email from PayPal saying that my $10 payment to AARP had gone through. When I checked my transactions on AARP Rewards, it did not show up. I never received and email from AARP with my Michael's gift card either.  I called that day and spoke with a man who said they were having technical issues with the AARP website and that my problem should be resolved in a couple of hours.  It wasn't, so I called again and spoke to a lady who took my information and even the PayPal transaction number.  She assured me that someone would call me within 2-3 days.  I waited until the following week and called back on Wednesday.  The lady I spoke with this time told me that I needed to give it a couple more days, and that someone would call me by the end of the week.  No one ever did, so I had to open a case with PayPal disputing the $10 charge.  It is now May 26, and PayPal is still waiting for AARP to respond to them.  I am extremely disappointed in the way this has (not) been handled.

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There has been way too many technical issues with the Daily Deals.  A lot of the Daily Deals are sold out within minutes, and there is not enough time to complete the transaction before the deal becomes unavailable or sold out.   If AARP cannot meet the demand, the deal should not be offered at all.  It is very frustrating to "compete" to get the Daily deal in the cart and then try to complete the checkout procedure within the time constraints allowed.  It seems the website cannot handle the amount of traffic for everyone to complete the transaction.  The frustration of purchasing the Daily Deals is not worth the small monetary savings.


I'm beginning to see that now!

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My Paypal was charged. I never got an email. I made a call a couple weeks ago. They said it would be resolved within two weeks. Two weeks I hadn't gotten the email and no refund either. I called Rewards back yesterday and they have escalated it. I recommend you see if you can get them to escalate yours too.


This is a lot of work to save $3 and heck, they'll probably eventually just refund the $7 and I won't even save that. Sigh...


Thanks for sharing your experience!  What made me think of this again was when I found out that tomorrow's Daily Deal is another Michael's gift card!  Do I dare try again???  Lol!

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