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Walmart Gift Card on 6/24/2021

Did anyone see a Walmart GC today for $5 for, I think, 14,000 points.  I logged on around 3:30 pm eastern and saw a Sold Out Walmart GC.  Now, the Sold Out gift card is gone, completely.  It is like it was never there.  Strange!

Plus, I had previously looked near 2 pm and did not see any new GC’s available for points only.  It does seem like we are seeing fewer GC’s for points only this month.  Are they running desirable GC’s in the Redeem section at odd times?

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There were more "points only" gift cards earlier in the week, and now are gone.  There was a catalog maintenance done a couple of days ago, so maybe the gift cards were removed.  Not many points only cards are available now.  Hope more will appear soon.

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