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Update to Sold Out notices



After receiving feedback from our Rewards redeemers, we will now be removing the previously sold out items every Friday. 


Additionally, we are working on additional catalog filtering which should be getting updated in a few weeks.


Thanks for your feedback!



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@AARPTeri   Thanks!   This makes the catalog much more user friendly and still allows one to see what was offered yesterday, for example.

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♡Thanks a bunch Teri☆

😍As always you rock 🤩

Grateful for y'all listening and taking actions suggested by members 

So much better experience

Thanks! Have a beautiful  day! 

Stay safe 

Ginger : )

🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free

While you are at it, maybe you should look into the one that never sells out, Phone Soap. I decided, since I have points to spare, to purchase one worth $20.  Then I went to their site and found that the the value for the price wasn't realistic at all.  But I did find a cable that I could use that was worth just under $20, and started the process to buy one, knowing that I would still have to pay something for taxes or maybe shipping.  After going through the process, I got to the point of making the final purchase, and it said I couldn't use the coupon to buy it.  Apparently I need to spend a lot of money to be able to use the "card".  They even had the gall to email me to remind me that I had the cable in my cart.


I am not that germaphobic that I need their product at those prices.

Community Manager
Community Manager


We are sorry you did not have an optimal experience with Phone Soap.  I am sharing this feedback with the team.


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After my post, above, I searched my emails, and found one a couple days after the first one from Phone Soap where they offered a 20% discount on any purchase. If they weren't 100% higher than comparative products on Amazon, it might be worth something.  Not that I need them, but the only resolution with Phone Soap that I would consider is to get back my points.  I'd rather not deal with them.

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@AARPTeri ...



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Thank you.


And please bring back the $25 Hulu points-only card.

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