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Rewards Catalog “Oops” Error Message – 9/23/2020

Hello everyone!


The Rewards team is working to resolve the error messaging that may appear when some participants are redeeming for points only items in the catalog (Sweepstakes, Instant Wins, etc).

Please be assured your redemption is being counted towards the item you are redeeming for.


You can always check your transaction history under the “Redemptions” filter to confirm your redemption is successful -


We apologize for any confusion this is causing and will post here with updates as soon as they are available.


I hope your team can fix the error on the rewards checkout page using debit or credit card payments.
After entering my card payment, I just accepted loading processing and there was no notification stating that the payment was successful or failed.

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This morning is the first time in a week or 2 or 3 that my entries seemed to go right in and my transaction history actually showed all the sweepstakes I entered or tried to enter.

I hope it's a full fix and not a fluke. Flukes are great for helping to identify whales, but not very helpful in sweepstakes activities.


Stay well and enjoy!


P.S. Thanks for the effort to fix these things.

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