Question about entering a sweepstakes in AARP Newsletter

I received the AARP newsletter for today November 2, 2021 telling me to enter the Amazon $100 gift card sweepstakes.  But there is no Amazon Sweepstakes shown on the site for this month.  There was one last month.  When you click on the link it says "You have reached your daily limit of null entries for this sweepstakes today. Enter a different one!"


And when you click on the Official Rules in the disclosure it takes you to the page with the rules for all the sweepstakes and that one isn't listed.  What is going on?  Somebody for AARP please answer my question.  Is this from last month and you are going to extend it again like you did with the Happy at Home sweepstakes that ended up going for 2 months when for a month it said it was ending after 1 month?  

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Community Manager

@gm5271   Thank you both for posting!  The sweeps (which the date wasn't included) goes live tomorrow!  You will see it there on 11/6/2021!  Sorry for the mistake!

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Hey Shamit

Thought this was crazy as well also going add screenshots of email(see below) showing this big BOO BOO 

Email has Title 'Enter to win Amazon gift card' & same writing in actual Email

Strange and crazy weird 

Thanks for posting

@AARPTeri any thoughts to share?? Why this happened

Ginger  :  )




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