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Daily Deals the week of 11/1 - 11/5/2021

Monday, November 1st:  Bed Bath and Beyond!  $10 gift card save 30%.


Tuesday, November 2nd:  Brinker!  $10 gift card save 30%.

Wednesday, November 3rd:  Krispy Kreme!  $10 gift card save 30%.

Thursday, November 4th:  Petco!  $20 gift card save 30%.

Friday, November 5th:  Safeway!  $10 gift card save 30%.


@AARPTeri  Shouldn't this one be pinned, instead of the other October (out-dated) Daily Deals? Just curious why this one, which is still 'active' up until 11/5/2021, is not pinned. 🤔

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