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Oops, Something Went Wrong Message on Sweepstakes Entries

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Oops, Something Went Wrong Message on Sweepstakes Entries

This evening (9/16/20), I tried to enter 3 Sweepstakes.....Fuel Up the Gas, Grocery Grab, and 2K Giveaway.  After choosing "10 entries" for each sweepstake, I got the message "oops, something went wrong" message instead of the "You're in" message.  It appears my 10 entries for each of the 3 sweepstakes did not go through.  Checking my Transaction history, I lost a total of 3250 points for the 3 sweepstakes.  I tried to re-enter the entries, however, I got the message already "maxed" out the 10 entries.  On 9/15/20, I got the "oops message" on my 10 entries for the 2K Giveaway for 1250 points, but the other sweepstakes went through okay.  I am now hesitant to enter the sweepstakes as there doesn't seem to be any accountability on the the number of entries entered.  Although the odds of winning a sweepstakes is minuscule, I thought I would give it a try.  Until AARP tech support fixes the issue, we are entering the sweepstakes at our own risk of losing points and not being entered into the drawing.  Hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. 


There have been more technical errors and issues on the AARP site this month because of the enhancements.  With each enhancement, more issues are created.  Also noticed a few more  videos are not awarding points.  The videos were working fine in August.



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Just about every day, I get at least one Oops on the main (large) sweepstakes. When I refresh my screen and go back, it just says that I've already entered for the day. My Transaction History also shows those points as being used.


I don't know if the points were actually registered for the sweepstakes, but I know that they are gone.


Stay well and enjoy!


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Yes, this has been happening for quire a while.  I have been getting the same error message when I try to get the daily deal.  It tells you to refresh your browser, but that doesn't matter because you cannot re-try to get the deal and as with the sweepstakes it is taking our points.  I try almost every day and it continues to answer. Now if you are purchasing a deal you won't have a problem.  

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It is happening very frequently. Just now my first entry for the Shell sweepstake had a oops; it was only for 1 so I could do it again and it worked. For the Walmart grocery sweepstake, 5 entries worked; the subsequent 5 got a oops. Miraculously the sweepstake for the $2000 went fine; it was a huge surprise!

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