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Nothing new on last day of month?

For those of us who missed Amazon and have not found three others to redeem?  

Of course I found that last one in June....and never got it...Chipotle.   Called and that didn't help, either.   Another month with poor results.

Guess I'm just a sucker who remembers the good old days before the program went to Hell-o World.  And guess what appeared at the top of my Hotmail account today?  An ad offering free AARP Rewards for All today!   Who does that, Hello World or AARP?  There are not nearly enough redemptions for the many members and random sweepstakes players who participate already.  WHO is soliciting more participants without giving more actual rewards?  And anyone who buys cards/"deals" must get a clue that these are for profit transactions.  Advertisers are donating or selling at steep discount the cards that are being sold to us for profit.


P.S.  And of course I missed the $5 Amazon because I didn't stay up until midnight EST.   Guess a good night's sleep is worth more than $5 but the continual midnight arrival of extra credit each month is really not good for those of us in EST who can't last that long.   Long gone by 6 a.m. when I got up.   



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Hi @HokiePoq & Lucy @rednexsrus


Nothing new ....or worthwhile....on the 1st day of the month either!!  SOS!!  😒 



Take care ☮️  ~Allen 🌈

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Say it ain't so, You go Girl !  🤔 🤔


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