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It is going on 1 AM EST. I have been TRYING to get this month's (Sept) rewards and NOTHING IS WORKING. Yes, I am yelling. I am tired and frustrated. I have been trying for 45 minutes to get a stupid Domino's gift card. The system spins doing nothing when I click on the gift card. Sometimes it does come back with 'this item not in system'; twice it came back with the notice to get this I need to unlock it. When I try to do the tasks, it says I'm not getting credit for them. Then I am back to getting the system spin on the gift card. It's a mean, vicious cycle. 


Why can't AARP Rewards get its act together for its users? It's not like you don't do this very often. You do it once a month for crying out loud. Might I suggest that AARP get a new provider for this program. You might remember that you would not exist if it weren't for the users. We do deserve to be treated better. 


Thanks for nothing.

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And I thought it was just me, but this happened last month and the month before.  It took well over an hour for the extra credit to work. Why? This is always at the first day of the month.  Also I think for 25,000 points it should be for $10 instead of $5

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Hi BeachGirl

It's 1:54 am CST and I did manage to complete this months Extra Credits with some difficulties same as you. This has become the new norm for this program. We definitely won't see anything higher than $5. At least the brands for the gift cards was a little better this month. Just Saying 


I finally got the points to post by entering one of the instant wins.  Then it showed I had done all the activities and I was able to redeem.

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Ditto. It's rather aggravating. Load, no load, reload. Repeat 'til the cows come home. 🙄

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