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I started at midnight.  I was pleased to redeem two of the gift cards that I wanted, Amazon and Dominos.  I have been saving Dominos gift cards for a long time, so it is small but still useable.


I started the "Debut your second career act" and it won't give me credit for the "Top changes to Job Hunting" video.  The system believes that I have already viewed that video and therefore will not give me points.  But, now it states 

"Sorry, no points this time.

We are experiencing longer than expected delays in your points awarding. Please check your transaction history in a couple of minutes. Thank you for your patience."



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EXACTLY..."Rewards IT personnel can't get this right."


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Finally got the CVS card at 2:30AM.

Extra Regret-it again works like a fine tuned machine! 😖


Andrew, you had WAY more patience than I did.


Last night, at a few minutes after midnight EST, I looked over the 3 Extra Regret categories, focused in on completing the 3rd group of lessons (because it unlocked the Amazon excessive-points-only card), and was able to finish those lessons with only a few hiccups and then redeem points for the Amazon card. So far, so good... relatively speaking.


Completing the remaining 2 lesson groups took more than an hour because the Extra Regret page wouldn't load... circle spinning around endlessly. Got fed up and cleared my cache and cookies -- twice -- still no luck. Then, I restarted my laptop and was finally able to access everything with minimal wait times.


On the first of every month it's a slightly different story, but the end result is always the same... problems and issues at every turn, with no rhyme or reason for surmounting them. Bottom line is huge amounts of wasted time and frustrated users who can't understand why Rewards IT personnel can't get this right.

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