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New Points Only Redemption for Members-Only

Community Manager
Community Manager

New Points Only Redemption for Members-Only

Happy Holidays to All!


You’re the first to know! The AARP Staying Sharp assessment is now available for points only redemption in the Members-Only section of the AARP Rewards Catalog. The AARP Staying Sharp Brain Health Assessment takes a scientific approach to measure the speed and accuracy of the way you think, focus, remember and make decisions — all in just 20-30 minutes. You'll answer a few questions about your health and lifestyle before taking a series of tests to measure your cognitive abilities. Review your scores and get personalized recommendations to strengthen your brain! The Brain Health Assessment is part of AARP's Staying Sharp program, where you can get evidence-based information and actions to take in order to help maintain and improve brain health.


Enjoy and cheers to a healthy brain in 2020!

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