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A---Is it BETA or BUG'S ? Not to sound picky but are we doomed to constant errors with our rewards program.
Has anyone else noticed the Last Activity point values in the center area of the black banner, suspicious or maybe just confusing.
In the past this point value has ALWAYS referenced "Member Bonus", which was the lower value of the total points earned. Not sure why
they choose to show the points earned with a two entry method. 🤔 Why not just show the total points and forget this so called bonus.
You have to view Transaction History (something we could not do for several months Humm.... 😫) to actually see the total points earned and to
verify you have been credited your points correctly. In this example (picture included), I did receive the 300 points for completing the activity.
This Member Bonus points earned value, displayed in the banner may be what has confused some members in the past into believing they were not receiving the correct amount of points for completing an activity. I am sorry but it causes one to have the impression that something may be of a questionable nature.
After all its all about the points RIGHT ??

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Lucy @gm5271 (Ginger) is right and @andrewtoo (Andrew) it is good Transaction History working currently.


Guess now we can watch our hard earned points disappear with Transaction History😒


@AARPCaroline will we see how many points we're losing monthly?


This is a scary movie😳


Have a Blessed Day


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Morning Lucy

Forgive me if I'm making incorrect assumption... think your new to Rewards wasn't around when was older Rewards... correct? Don't recall seeing you back then


Anyway anyhow.... they chose to separate the points value with New Rewards because... In past the Points Badge had points PLUS "Members get 50% more" boy did this cause issues so many folks posted, complained & got upset about it.... say it showed member "450" points some members would assume they'd get 50%more than that which was incorrect... members got 450 non-members got 300 Which could only see 300 badge if you went outside system used cause members the system noticed them therefore.... only way I saw it was on a new tablet hadn't used for Rewards yet & checked out b4 logging in.... anyway gist of my reply is it caused lots issues and misunderstandings so that's why they now are very direct about what members and non members get by separating points & special members only prize/rewards badges.... hope this helps with your inquiry 


Ginger  ;  )

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@gm5271 @rednexsrus 


You both make good points.  One of the advantages of posting points (200 points out of 300) then posting the member bonus (100 points) is that it reminds members that they are getting more points for membership.  I agree the member bonus points should show in the black banner for the last earnings completion so that we know we are receiving the 50% bonus as we earn points.  After a points redemption then it should just show the redemption transaction (or card purchase for cash).


However, two posts to the transaction history creates double the entries per video, quiz, tool, etc. earned and it could be argued that the transaction history is needlessly too long.  I'm at least pleased that the transaction history works (so far; I think🤨).



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