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I post this with a heavy heart as I know this will certainly cause even more grief among the many faithful senior AARP members who have tried to make this program something to be fun and enjoyed. 

Apparently management has seen fit to add another obstacle to this program that will frustrate, and disappoint many members. We currently have too many serious problems that need correcting without adding another potential fiasco.

I inadvertently clicked on the Buca di Beppo instant win gift card this morning at 3:54 am, and was saddened that I received the LUCKY YOU banner. I had googled this sponsor previously and decided I wanted nothing to do with this restaurant. 

Reluctantly, I preceded to print the GC only to my surprise HelloWorld had changed the entire format for redemption. The email is printed below: 




We're happy to let you know that you're a potential winner of our Buca di Beppo® Gift
Card Instant Win! We just need you to complete a few steps to make it 100% official.

Important next steps:

So, what's next?
First we need to confirm your eligibility. Depending on what prize you've won and the
information we have, you may need to complete our Mailing Address Confirmation form
or a Declaration of Compliance, Liability & Publicity Release ("Declaration"). Click here
to complete these next steps. You must complete these steps within 5 calendar days to
claim your prize. Once any required documentation has been approved, you will receive
another email confirmation with your prize information.

When would I need to complete a Declaration?
If the value of the prizes you've won this calendar year exceeds $600. After our team
reviews your completed Declaration, we'll send you a follow-up email letting you know if
it's approved! Please note that if you choose to accept a prize valued more than $600, you
will receive a 1099 form (required for all prizes with a value of $600 or more). You may
wish to speak with a tax adviser for further information.

How do I know if this is legit?
If you'd like to talk with someone from our team, call 866-451-6305. If you still have
questions about claiming your prize, feel free to check out the Official Rules.

We’re super excited for you — thanks again for participating!
Complete next steps
Date won: 04-29-2022
Item: Buca di Beppo® Gift Card Instant Win
Points per play: 50
Savings: $10.00

If you have any questions, please check out the Official Rules or contact
Customer Service at 866-451-6305, 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.
AARP© 1995-2022 | All rights reserved | 601 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20049
Privacy Policy


We are already experiencing problems with undelivered / missing confirmation emails and these additional steps will only tend to confuse and frustrate our elderly senior members.

At least in my case (an unwanted gift card), I will just ignore this email, which I assume management is hoping many others will do. BTW, What more information could they possibility need other than what they already have ?    Just Saying 

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The letter isn't about the Instant win per se. It's because you won the sweepstake last month for an expensive camera and are nearing the $600 in winnings which AARP/HelloWorld will be reporting to the IRS for income tax purposes. I have a similar letter from a site where I do surveys because I reached the reportable limit for income tax purposes. It is not spam, it's legit.

  The flip side is being grateful for having won so much😀

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@Karyn8  Thanks for the clarification on how winning a sweepstakes of high value can impact our income taxes.  I have never won a sweepstakes, but forewarned that winning an expensive prize will be reported to the IRS.

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@LindaB671 can you bring these concerns to the AARP Board, perhaps?


I wrote following my win last year (Oct) that there was something not right or efficient with the company charged with running these and now more issues arise. Can you please advise AARP Board and have them investigate other providers than HelloWorld?


Thank you.



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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@WebWiseWoman  Seriously, something needs to change. If AARP's Rewards Program is too difficult and complicated for this administrator (HelloWorld) them someone, somehow does needs to contact the AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins or the board of directors and remind her/them that AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) was originally formed to serve people who have retired or who are approaching retirement age. 

The AARP Rewards Program in the past was offering seniors a fun and enjoyable experience with an opportunity to learn and become better informed of circumstances affecting their lives. Sadly it no longer accomplishes that !!

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Insane that you would need to jump through those hoops for a $10 gift card... but I do know what it is...I had to do this when I won a $1,000 sweepstakes a couple years ago. If you "win" more than $600 in value, the IRS wants to know about it so they can have you pay taxes on it. I paid the taxes on my $1,000 but never on an instant win. I won one tonight (first one in months) and didn't get that message.


I just won an instant win yesterday.  I also did not receive that message.  Very strange that Lucy received that message and we didn't.

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Lucy, thanks so much for letting us know the weird and horrible process now being used to receive Instant Win that was verified first.

The goal seems to be is to make the Rewards program as undesirable as possible.


Have a Blessed Day



Hi @rednexsrus 💐


I just posted something along the lines of what you said here....

"No points for watching video…two times!!"

…in it I mentioned:


also… nothing to use points for


….another month ends …only got 2 fricken $5 GCs  & can’t even use a 3rd reward …AGAIN!!…. bummer!!

This rewards prog needs major overhaul….geared towards actually giving us something of value…rather than measly $5 GCs…if they’re not already sold out!

not overly happy with this rewards prog


I'm glad to see you posting your impressions of what the program has come to….

BTW: I read many of your posts but rarely have time to reply…just know others also agree with so much of what you write…so even tho you don’t hear from most people …we benefit from your posts


much respect!

Take care ~Allen




I read this whole thing as spam. Spam, spam, spam! I don't like spam. 😉 I mean, AARP has so many videos regarding how NOT to get ripped off by hackers, intruders, spammers, robocallers, etc... Why would they deliberately veil their messages as spam? Not only that, but I'd be worried by not following through with their steps, or I'd have the IRS auditing me next year. Something along those lines. It's not very enticing, anyway. 😧

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I really don’t think @rednexsrus has anything to worry about from the IRS. If they want to come after someone for a lousy $10 then

I say “Git-er Done”. Jason, I am really confused about your reply. Where is the spam and what does that have to do with her post.

Care to explain ?


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Well, Bill, you really do seem confused. 😉 If you click the 'read more' on Lucy's post, you will see blue text. That is the bit I think seems like spam. Hope you got the clarity you sought from me. Otherwise, I don't know how much more of help I can render. 🙂

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The blue text was simply to bring attention to the email and it's content.


Without including the email and it's content from our dear administrator my post would be missing the clarity you mentioned. Just be aware you may be the next recipient of this exact email.

Just Saying 


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Is it satire? It sure made me laugh!

Jumping through hoops for $10? We might not be that nimble.

Maybe they should fix a few of the multiple problems they plague us with instead of creating more.




HI @a170938b 

Hahaa 😊....good post....


It sure made me laugh!🤣

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Perhaps we could ask your guidance in counseling those who've been through the helloworld hoops? 😉


Thanks, AARP friend!



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

Hi  @WebWiseWoman

Are you referring to those who've been through the helloworld hoops?....


or the hell-world hoops?.... heheheee🤣

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