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Greeting Cards for Points

15 greeting cards available for points, and little else.  We're going to have to look at these for weeks, months even, before they are "sold out," and then, guess what, we'll have even more as the holidays approach.  Please give us something we can actually use.

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How many people are actually using their points to purchase these e-greeting cards? I mean, there are 13 of them now. I'd send one to my mom, but she doesn't have a computer.


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To me, it seems like these (the e-greeting cards) should be seperate, somehow, from retail redeems for points? It's an obstacle, and distracts from what you're actually trying to find. Just want to put that out there. 😧 Thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

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Not sure what planet our management team is from. Surely, they must be aware that there are numerous websites that offer these type greeting cards for free.  A few that come to mind: Blue Mountain®, 123 Greetings, and E-Cards. Go figure

Just Saying - Que Sera, Sera 


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Ironic too, that while we diligently watch videos encouraging a healthy lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating what we are offered for the points we earned by watching are ice cream, donuts, IHOP

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Oh, look!  It's a Krispy Kreme card for points.

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