Error when purchasing gift cards

I tried to purchase $2000 in Carnival gift cards this morning for $1800.  The first attempt errored and I see the charge and refund on my Paypal account.  I tried again and now I see the charge but it has been two hours and I haven't received anything.  Not even a second Paypal email for the charge, although Paypal shows another $1800 pending.


I have to book the cruise today as it is last day for the offer, but I am afraid that I will wake up tomorrow to an email with $2000 in Carnival gift cards after I pay in full today.  Is there any way to confirm with 100% certainty that my purchase did NOT go through?


It will be bad enough to miss out on the $200 I could have saved using the discounted cards, but it will be even worse if I end up with $2000 in gift cards that I can't use.



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The same thing happened to me. I'm pretty sure the site is broken, or there's an excessive amount of traffic. 

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Hi Glenn:

I can understand your concern with purchasing those discounted Carnival gift cards from AARP.  Carnival is probably the number one vendor in the whole catalog accounting for probably 80-90 % of all purchased gift card errors. Last month was undoubtedly the worse month for complaints for Carnival errors, even though most of those errors can be attributed to the inefficient and lackadaisical practices of our dear administrator. This is the very reason I will never consider purchasing any discounted gift cards from AARP. The process is just way too frustrating, time consuming and creates a potential for great monetary loss, besides being a lot less expensive at other web sites. Just Saying 



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@GlennB578530 Thank you for participating in AARP Rewards! I reviewed the account associated with your email address and it looks like there have been no Carnival gift card purchases that have posted. When you make a purchase on the AARP Rewards site, the delivery of the confirmation email can take up to 24 hours. Please let me know if there's anything further I can do!

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