Garmin discount description is too vague

There is an AARP Rewards entry for a 20% discount on Garmin.

  1. It doesn't say where the discount is valid. From looking at other posts, it seems that it is only valid on the Garmin website (rather than, say, Amazon). This should be spelled out.
  2. It also says...
    1. "You may only redeem Rewards Points for this gift code one time."
    2. "AARP Rewards members are eligible to purchase up to two devices and two accessories per year."
    3. So... only once per year? Or only once, ever, and the code works each year?
  3. "...regular, non-sale price Garmin wearable devices..." So can I use it when something is on sale, and Garmin will apply the discount to the non-sale price? Or do I need to wait until after something is on sale?
  4. Do I need to use the code once a year, for up to 2 devices and up to 2 accessories? Or can I use it four times for one device and then another, and one accessory and then another?

Thanks for any info,



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I agree about the lacking details. Garmin is having a sale right now on their website and I just used the coupon code, hoping it would save me an additional 20% off the sale price, but unfortunately it did not. The discount was applied to the non-sale price and one of the items was on sale for even more than 20% off the normal price so I just got the sale price on that one. Hope this helps!

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