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My review of Stitch Fix

I redeemed a $25 gift card to Petsupplies and I would give that store a D-. It takes them about a month to ship your order. They are backloaded but imo that wait time is inexcusable when you have so many other options. I think AARP should be embarrassed being associated with them.


I redeemed the $25 credit on Stitch Fix:


What I like: They have a young female CEO, and a publicly traded company. They basically have you fill out a simple style quiz and their stylist mails out 5 items of clothing that they think you would like. If you keep all five items of clothing, you get a nice 25% discount. 4 or less and you lose the discount.... thus, keeping 4 items makes zero sense, it is typically 5, 1, 2, or 3.


I received my box, and decided to keep 2 items. I think the stylist for the most part correctly picked out my style of clothing although I didn't like the feel for the other 3 items.


The process to return clothes is very easy. Their website is easy to navigate. 


What I don't like: 

I could probably get better deals by shopping at outlet stores although going to a store to buy clothes during a pandemic makes Stitch Fix a good option.


This is a monthly service, but I wouldn't use it monthly, at most I would use it quarterly (which you can set on your profile).


Overall I think this is worth the redemption. It is useful to have an actual stylist pick out clothes for you. Also, purely my opinion, but a woman most likely would get more use out of stitch fix than a man. There are simply more/varied clothing items your stylists can send you if you are a woman. 


My grade: B. I am curious what my stylist sends me for my next box in October. When you fill out a style quiz and review your boxes, I think they are reading my comments/feedback. Again, having an actual stylist is pretty cool. 

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I just signed up for it too!  I've only had one shipment, but I kept everything but the earrings.  I didn't realize they had a service for men.  Very cool. 

I wanted to make sure my style didn't age with me.  😉  So I wanted something I wouldn't necessarily pick myself.  And it worked.  Nothing too crazy or too young.  But definitely more in style than my typical look.  


I will need to see the next few choices they send before giving a "grade."  

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