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Bath & Body Works Gift Card 12,000 Points $5 Value

Available Now 12:07 PM

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Thanks everyone it took some leaving site and back looking to find Bath and Body

Also there's an additional donation been added to points only can donate another $5 for 4000 points  or can do now if missed first opportunity earlier this month - see screenshot 


Ginger  :  )

Screenshot_20210215-170745_Samsung Internet.jpg


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There is also a


$10 Value

IHOP Gift Card

17,500 Points

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@k142667b  Thanks for posting.   I too would not have seen it without your post.  A search did not bring it up, either.  I had just checked and not seen it.

@MemberS2006   Thank you for posting the IHOP.  I would have missed it.

These posts are very helpful as it is much harder to see the points only than it was when they'd be at the head of the list.   Thanks everyone!

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This can be used along with a Bath & Body Works gift card for purchase for added savings!

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The small B&BW card did not show up with using the Redemption Type: "FOR POINTS" filter for me either.  I checked it a couple of times. It shows the gift little gift card without using the filter and looking through 50 items that I don't want to see that were for purchase.


Maybe I should clear my cache and cookies, huh?...LOL.

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Thank you for your post.  I had pulled up the list of rewards, both with and without filter for points only, and this did not show up.  I had to go out of the site and come back in to see it, and I would not have known to do that without your post.

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Still not showing up this morning.  Amazing!

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