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Another month, another problem with extra credit

I've had this same issue recur almost every month. When completing "extra credit" activities, I get an error message that "sorry no points earned this time." The thing is, it's the first day of the month and maybe the first or second activity completed for the day. This bug means that I am unable to redeem for the "extra credit deals" and by the next day, when the bug has sorted itself out, the item is usually sold out.


AARP, your vendor needs to get their act together. They're giving you a bad rep. Why even offer the paltry gift cards you do if you can't even fulfill?

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@RobertS748050 We are aware of the issues with extra credit and we are working to resolve these issues as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  Please come back to AARP Rewards and try again later today. 


@dw6574 @RussellP197074 @JanetS214883 @freckles429 @p439300g @AnneG461594 @naxos 

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NOT FAIR that some were able to redeem but many were not.  This month’s extra credit Old Navy, Amazon, and AutoZone already sold out

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I haven't been able to get ANY reward points for a month now. Consider yourself lucky if you can tomorrow. I can't even get the 5000 non member points. My membership is active for another 2 years. Ie tried clearing history, logging out & back in, changing browsers.  NOTHING WORKS

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Totally agree…. This is frustrating and can’t finish any of the extra credit members only … WAKE UP AARP… this is an on going problem 


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Anyone else having problems with checking out after purchasing cards??  I logged out, cleared history and cookies, everything I could think of but it won't let me check out.  Watch it will get fixed after everything sells out!



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I agree.. they have a problem with the web site and definitely need to work on a fix so the rewards are better staggered throughout the month so everyone is not crashing the site on the 1st of the month!

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I was able to finish the last activity for 75 points on Chase. Was able to get Apple card.

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Congratulations, glad it worked for you.  Still not working for me


It is happening for me for the first time as well. 


This really needs to be fixed or some kind of credit awarded.



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