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How Tell me how you got Amazon card?

How did anyone get Amazon cards? Showing sold out HOW?😡😡😡😥🙃

For hours I've done quizzes over and over broken link still in Job Lesson for Amazon card


2 broken links still in Social lesson


How? WHO? please let me know if anyone really got Amazon card cause I can't see how anyone did? 

I reset phone

I signed out and back in

Cleared cache... did all possible to do

Nothing made star go away show points to reward

Did all quizzes for those 2 lessons still not rewarded points but truly don't give a pig's eye for points I wanted Amazon card 



Please share if you got one cause I think its racket and I'm fed up don't wanna do this anymore

For ten+ years I've enjoyed Rewards program but life is far too short and there's enough upset in world no one needs this aggravation 

Fed up had enough

Take care everyone

Ginger 😡 :  ( 

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I got one but had to do a bunch of workarounds to get it. Nothing was showing up on either the extra credit or rewards pages. After 15 minutes or so I clicked on one of the blank areas where an extra credit block should have been. This took me to another mostly blank page but saw a link to "try another lesson" or something like that. When I clicked on that it gave me the option to pick one of the 3 lessons. I just picked one (not knowing what the rewards were) and it took me to a page that listed the video and quizzes. From there it would let me do most of each lesson but I would occasionally have to come back to these blank pages when it wouldn't redirect properly. I managed to complete all three with the exception of the one "quiz" that was mis-attached to its points and seems nobody was getting points for. Many of the activities would say "no points" at the end, but the check mark would show up as completed and that's all I cared about. Eventually Amazon and the other rewards showed up on the rewards pages and I was able to redeem.


Sorry for my long and convoluted response but I figured you'd want to know the details. It seems every month the problems keep getting worse...

Social Butterfly


Thanks so much Michelle for sharing your post

Was certainly a mess you had go through glad you got Amazon card for all your efforts 


Ginger  ;  )

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KUDO's to you Ginger, you tell'em just like it is. This whole deal stinks to high heaven. The September Extra Credits page is up but nothing is working correctly. If you click on any of the activities the next page shows only the **bleep** star badge on the top left. If you answer the quiz or watch the video you get the **bleep** "You Just Missed AARP Rewards". There is no way possible under these circumstances to complete any of the Extra Credits and earn any Extra Credit Reward points gift cards.  

Teri you and Janelle need to tell management to get this fixed and reinstate all the Extra Credit activities so we can start over. As it stands now there is no way to complete any of the Extra Credits. So incompetent, So mad and pi$$ed

Just Saying AARP01.jpg




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I am sorry that you are upset. To schedule maintenance at the only time of the month where there might a useful reward was certainly ill chosen, perversely so.

When I did the 4 activities for Sharpen your Skills in Today's Job Market, each one of them said "sorry no point blah blah blah". However I noticed that a check mark appeared (no point given at that time); I completed the 4 activities not knowing if I could eventually redeem anything at all. Miraculously once the 4 check marks appeared, I could get both the Amazon and the Gap gift cards. All that was around midnight central time. A few hours later, the points for the activities also appeared.

I did not try the activities for the other lessons as their rewards did not interest me.

I hope this will help.

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Only problem with that scenario, no check marks are coming up. You have to get check marks on all of the tiles for it to work ????

Guess you were one of the lucky ones 

Just Saying

Social Butterfly


Glad hear you were able to get

They are still not working for me if do activities it comes up errors 'missed Rewards'

Amazon sold out now

So won't matter if starts working

Its truly not worth it anymore

Thanks for reply and letting me know.... how works for some but not others 🤔🤯 anybody's guess & so so unfair 

Ginger  ;  ) 

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