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Just to let AARP members know that when you go to redeem your points beware of 1-800-PETSUPPLIES. I had no problem with Wayfair or Zappos, but I ordered 10 puppy collar for our new litter from PETSUPPLIES, and after several phone calls to them asking about my order that was suppose to take 2-3 days to ship I receive them 35 days later with postage due. I also, ordered a 33lb. bag of puppy food and treats 20 days ago that I have not yet received. I hate to see what that postage is going to cost me!

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I think the Rewards program is miserable.  While I get "rewards" frequently, I haven't been able to use them in months, maybe years.  I don't consider a reward to be something that I gamble away on lotteries etc and getting 10 - 12% off on gift cards I have to purchase can be matched by any number of other cards/programs.  This program is a scam.  There should be at least a few real (and valuable) rewards that truly recognize our long term efforts and help seniors - not pretend to.

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@wkay99 I’m so sorry you feel like you aren’t receiving value in the program. Have you tried redeeming your points for a Daily Deal? Many of those are for points only and feature popular gifts card for purchase that have discounts up to 50% off. The monthly extra credit gift cards and discounts are all 20% off and above as well. Which cards have you received that you feel like you can’t use? What type of rewards would you like to see in the catalog going forward?

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Now I don't feel so bad for missing out on the PetSupplies $25 gift card for 55,000 points. As I was accumulating my points I frequently checked to see the PetSupplies $25 gift card for 55,000 points. Just a few days ago I hit 51,000 points and looked at the PetSupplies a carrot dangling in front of me at I near the finish line. 


Today I accumulated 55,230 points and eagerly searched for the PetSupplies offer only to not find it at all. I've searched several times and looked at every offer I am eligible for and not yet eligible for and the PetSupplies offer is no longer available. 

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Hey Linda

That's horrible to hear

A suggestion: 

If you'd like more folks reading your post &/or Community helpers response think if you rename your Title to something pertaining to bad gift card experience/ service or such instead of "AARP Rewards" it'll draw more responses... like said just a suggestion

Hope you get all your order soon

Take care 

Ginger  :  ) 

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