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AARP Rewards : Where are the points only gift cards?

What happened to the good points only gift cards offered at the beginning of the new rewards? Nothing new has been added in weeks. Two to ten dollar discounts on gift cards with partial points are not good deals for AARP members. We can get better deals on the gift card purchases from our local grocery stores and restaurants and some even pay us points for purchasing them! Come on AARP Rewards, bring on something we all can use, how about points only gift cards for Shell or Exon gas, Walmart, Target and Amazon. Also, pharmacy stores like CVS and Walgreens. You could at least make the cards half the cost with points if it isn't possible to do points only gifts cards anymore. Not going to stay with the program much longer if things don't change. Prefer the old rewards program at this point. Anyone else feel the same?

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I get nothing for being a member of AARP.  The points gift cards were the only advantage I used and NOW where they?

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Pretty much down to $5 cards only for me.  There are good ones if you are a streamer....I'm not.  There was a nice one for a pet pets.   $10 total so far this month on two redemptions.  Not a good time investment to do the activities for points anymore.   Last month I redeemed my last Panera card....$25.  Those were the days!  


Yes Yes Yes! What happened???

AARP reward points are absolutely useless. You still have to spend to save very little. The membership isn't even worth it anymore, especially the roadside advantage. 

I dropped AARP and get better deals on my own, thank you AAA


very true

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Hello AARP: @AARPTeri 


I'm still watching every day for opportunities to purchase gift cards for points.  Check out my tags below to see the type of gift cards I hope to see.


I realize that these cards would sell out fast.  Maybe you guys could post the cards for redemption with points only at 3 PM?




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Ditto Ditto to all posts


Days of Daily Deals at 3 are Gone Forever don't imagine they'll ever bring that back & I sure miss it but like life Changes changes and I have with time adapted to the acceptance of it being gone & no longer planning my life around 3PM therefore I am very grateful for the times had that wonderful offering & challenge.... Holidays approaching & I looked at my pics of all Deals I got last year many gave to my kids for Christmas ..... yep lost the Daily Deal but even more upsetting is all the limits in new rewards..... I can't even purchase 2 of same discounted Gift Cards for my 2 sons at same time & I'm unwilling take chance order 1 one month another the next too risky with new Rewards so that just makes my losses of Daily Deal & R4G worse nothing good has taken its place nor even come close.... at least not for me

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving I'll share my Gratitude for R4G Rewards & Daily Deal many complaints back then also as there are many with new Rewards.... sometimes we don't realize how blessed we are till we lose something.... so I'm thankful for those times and all you wonderful folks who've traveled this journey of change with me Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving 

May you be blessed with loads of joy and fun times with your family & loved ones .... I've been missing quite a few family members at holidays in these last 5 years making it tough to realize blessings do have I  forever will miss them but learning through changes I am going do my best to cherish my times with ones still in my life.... Enjoy every moment you can 

Ginger  ;  ) 

PS: Shout out to Hokie 

@HokiePoq after years of Coca-cola Rewards being run by Hello world same as new Rewards....other day I won a mini Coca-cola polar bear from instant win.... nice surprise Yippee 

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I really didn't expect daily gift cards for points, but, posting them at 3 PM ET is a good time.  Not too early for the west coast and not too late for the east coast.


We still waiting for gift cards in exchange for points (No Paypal account needed!!!) @AARPTeri 


Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Yes, I feel the same, my only interaction now is to check once every several days for points only  so far Disappointing 


Bumpity, bump, bump

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Hello @hg88943930 

I've noticed that only 150 daily instant win cards are offered for thousands of members 😢.  Triple the amount of instant wins offered and remove (1) play per day limit, plus win limits.


Have a Blessed Day


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YES !!!!! 

I do feel the same ....I'm not going to spend 60 minutes daily try to get worthless points anymore unless something change very soon .....

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