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AARP Rewards Complaints and Disappointments

Hello Rewards Warriors,


This post is intended to serve as a  location where members can share their complaints and disappointments.  Also, let Management know what we want to see in the catalog and voice your concerns. Let's speak up!


Hopefully, with this information in one place it'll be easier for Management to know what paying & non paying members think.


Have a Blessed Day



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@mi4090   You can go into your AARP profile to see the total number of Kudos you have received along with the number of comments you have posted.  The information doesn't need to be posted in a separate Top Kudos Section.

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I'm very concerned about the Rewards "Points Only" gift cards for only $5.  Gift card value is sad🥲.


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I join the others who have already posted a concern about the value of the cards recently, let me add that there are a lot of cards posted that are for more regional brands than national brands, perhaps that is because of the location of Hello World but I think they should stick with brands that most members could use - for example more Amazon/Target/Walmart and less grocery chains that are only in certain regions of the country



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