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$10 Zappos eGift Card* (3/13/2023) is missing.

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$10 Zappos eGift Card* (3/13/2023) is missing.

Good morning AARP ☀️


Today's Instant Win $10 Zappos eGift Card* (3/13/2023) is missing on my AARP Rewards. Is it missing for anyone else? I logged off and logged back in again but no luck.


The $10 Bath & Body Works eGift Card* (3/11/2023) is also missing but I think it was replaced by the $10 Target eGift Card.


Everyone: The Instant Wins and Rules can found on


Thank you!

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 Zappos until recently give all VETS a 10% discount off of everything.They took the Veteran's discount back, but still gave other groups the very same 10% discount. Please join me and boycott ZAPPOS! I refuse to buy, and my wife also refuses to buy anything ever again from them! I have emailed them a dozen times for a reasonable explanation, but they never reply.   

  Please consider this when there are many other venues that sell the same products at the very same prices. Peace to all VETS!!

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Zappos Instant Win has been missing for the past several days on my AARP Rewards also.

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@TheSuzyQ This has been flagged and our team is working to correct the site. Thank you!

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Thank you!

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