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I have decided to move to September from here as our posts were down due to Summer. Hoping you are all well!




Good Morning to the Front Porch and Welcome to JULY 2020 Goodbye JUNE 2020.

Hoping everyone has a great First Day OF JULY 2020.




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@Frozenoem , those lines are from northern VA, not all that far from me.  Early voting started today and extends through Oct. 31.  I had applied for an absentee and my ballot was issued today.  Looks like a whole lotta peeps already have their minds made up. This "old lady" does, too. 👵  After the torrential rains yesterday, today is a nice day for hanging out at your local polling center. 🙂


@DaveMcK , those are some scary and eerie pictures from your sister.  Praying for the best. 🤞 


My brother lives in Seabrook, WA (S of Seattle) and he said the temp read 114°F on a thermometer yesterday, but the air was getting better.  


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Beautiful here in NW Ga.   Garden still providing veggies  but that will slow when night temps go below  60 tonight.   @MsStretch   I cannot imagine dealing with 114 degrees,especially this time of year when all the world should be lovely.   We had lovely soft rain for about 36 hours from Sally.   Life is pretty good right now except, I do not feel so dragged out like I did during the heat.  Still much busier than I would like to be but there is no acceptable remedy. 

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Good afternoon on the Front Porch on this Monday the 14th of September 2020. We had an early start to the morning with a 50 mile drive to see Mary's doctor who gives her Botox Injections for Migraine Treatment. She gets these shots every 12 weeks and they seem to help reduce the number of migraines she gets per month dramatically. 

We stopped and had butter burgers with fries at a Culver's fast food restaurant on the way home. They only have carryout now so we dined in the car but it was one of few meals out over the last few months. 

This afternoon we are watching the Milwaukee Brewers play a doubleheader against the Saint Louis Cardinals. Hoping everyone is well, staying safe and has a restful evening!




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Hi Porch Peeps…

Speaking of Peeps… Heard on the news the other day that due to the corona virus, the Just Born Company (located not far away from me in Easton, PA), the maker of Peeps, those yucky marshmallow candy things, has halted production of the Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines versions of their Peeps. Most people didn’t even know they made anything other than the chicks and bunnies for Easter. They will resume with 2021 Peeps for next Easter. What a terrible loss (LOL) Of course I feel bad for the factory workers who may lose their jobs, but those Peeps are awful. I never even liked them as a kid!




52 this AM when I woke up. Up to 59 now.

Stayed in bed longer than usual because it was so cozy under all the covers. Wore socks to bed last night! Looks like we may barely reach 70 today, but I do see 80 later this week.


My friends left yesterday for a trip up to the Finger Lakes and texted this AM that they had to stop at a Dollar General and buy sweatshirts. They didn’t bring enough warm clothes! HA! She then had on a shirt, a jeans jacket with the sweatshirt over that and was finally warm enough. They were going hiking this AM, so I figure they will warm up with that activity. The cabin is a dump…sure looked better online, but at least it’s clean and dog friendly. No closet! They talked to their cabin neighbors and they were surprised at how shabby it was, too. Guess who’s getting a bad rating on VRBO later this week.


@MsStretch …yeah, that Sunday game was a real bummer for us. Can you say, “sack, sack the quarterback?” 8 times! Jeepers!


Really needed this morning!Really needed this morning!



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Tuesday afternoon 56*, Coronavirus has hit closest large town pop. 10K. How to kick you into reality 5 kids at high school/Vocational and 5 adults working in the mill.


Of course flu season is around the corner, Think I’ll be stocking up for the long haul and getting my flu and pneumonia shots this week.And a gallon of Maalox.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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My condolences to @catwoman500 . 🦅 


Washington -- new name, new logo, new coach, new QB, new scandals, and a whole new team in the 2nd half yesterday!  Eagles were unable to soar very high. 😁


Getting bopped by acorns more frequently these days.  And furkids are a little more lively on our nightly walkabouts.  Cooler weather is a-comin'.

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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this Labor Day Monday morning in 2020. We are expecting temps in the lower 70's with a chance of rain Tuesday!.

Hoping everyone has a restful day.



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Hi, Porch Peeps!


Another "porchable" day here. I enjoyed my first cup of coffee out there earlier. Lots of people out and about around the neighborhood today while I was sipping... Dog walking, people walking, and even a jogger or 2.

We'll be a bit warmer today than the last few days, into the 80's, but still lower humidity. Changes later this week. 😿

Seems almost normal to not be doing anything once again on a holiday, but I'm getting a bit nostalgic for the company of friends!

Enjoy the day!


labor day coffee 2.jpg


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giphy (2).gif

Good morning, Peepers!

I hope everybody had  good weekend and a pleasant Labor Day holiday.  I enjoyed having four whole days off from work and a houseguest (a lifelong friend) to share some of that time with.  But after she left for home and for the past two days, it's been raining and storming off and on--more on than off really.  In fact,  on Sunday night, just before the rains began, I went to bed rather early, only to be awakened by the booms of fireworks--not firecrackers, the full "boom" "bam" works!  So I got up and looked out of my bedroom window and through my wearied eyes, I watched the lights and colors and then I crawled back into bed and drifted off to sleep as the celebratory sounds grew fainter and more distant.


It was 1 o'clock in the morning when I awoke to a different sound--the sound of heavy rainfall.  I lay there and listened intently for another sound, but didn't hear it and I knew something was wrong--very, very wrong.  The sound I did not hear, was the hum and bang of the sump pump. And I knew if the pump wasn't working with so much rain coming down, I would have a problem in the basement.  And I did.  I found the basement was beginning to flood as the pump was now silent and the water had topped the sump and was flowing across the floor.  I tried to build a barricade with towels to stop the surge.  I moved boxes and stuff to higher ground--to table tops and shelves.  And then I began the bucket brigade--dipping water out of the sump and pouring it into the laundry tub.  But after a couple of hours of labor, it became clear that the water was coming faster than I could haul it out.  So as I watched the water rise and the floor drain become overwhelmed by the deluge, I looked around to see if there was anything else I could do or move out of harms way.  I gathered my small hoard of toilet paper and paper towel, climbed the stairs, turned out the basement lights, and went back to bed. But before I finally drifted off to a fitful sleep, I prayed for the rain to stop. And when I awoke a few hours later, it had.


Around 6 a.m. on Labor Day, my eyes and ears opened to quiet.  No rain.  No pump.  It was still dark outside.  But I arose and ventured downstairs to survey the damage.  There were pools of water here and there round the basement.  The drain was still doing it's job as streams of water were flowing into it.  Where I had built the towel barricade near the sump pump, a big pool of water remained. Once the towel wall was moved, the water slowly moved flowed toward the drain. But there was still so much standing water, I knew I needed to get a Shop Vac and of course, a new sump pump.  So I quickly got myself together and I was soon on the road to get the items needed.

After stops at Walmart, True Value Hardware, and Menards, I finally had everything I needed.  Back home, I quickly put the Vac together and vacuumed up a good portion of the water and then I quickly installed the new pump which immediately went to work--pumping all of the water still in the sump.  And while the pump hummed, I finished vacuuming up the remaining water.  I worked until I was too tired to do anything more. So last night,  after all the water had been removed, I set a super-sized oscillating fan in the middle of the basement to dry it out.  Today I plan to finish up by mopping the basement floor with a solution of bleach and disinfectant.  Then re-dry it and done.


But oh, the rain is starting again now.  Fingers crossed as I head downstairs.


Be well in rain.gif



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@LydiaN586309 sounds like you had a really rough time.  Sorry about that and hope all of your problems are taken care of by now.  We've been getting quite a bit of rain here in Illinois but so far my sump pump seems to be working.  I know what a mess it can be when it's not though.


Hope everyone will have a great weekend!   MY dad - WWII 75 years ago

My dad in Navy WWII - 75 years agoMy dad in Navy WWII - 75 years ago

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Afternoon all just recalled day and date, Saw what day today is mixture of feeling 9/11/01.


10/11/01 came out of retirement for DOD, 3 years later found myself back to working.

See me in 3 months may be walking vs staggering, new med’s and possible answers coming to me today.

Get your flu shots and/or pneumonia shots soon.





Navy 👍 and Army for WW2.



Think it’s time to brew some Kona had to travel to an Airbase for that.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi porch folks.  Surviving without car for now.  I have also survived one physical, one dental check up and 2 trips to restaurants.   Doc gave me giant vitamin D supplements after blood test.  Only moderately low this time after  intentional  sun exposure this summer and 2000iu most days supplements.   Also  diet quite high in vitamin D.   I really thought I would have normal levels.  D is a big deal for the virus thingie, dont forget!


Crummy weather today, after a nice week last week.   Beautiful fall weather and now back to the miseries.  Ending soon though. 


@LydiaN586309  Love the way you describe your home.   @Frozenoem  Finally some answers?   Good, about time and you have been extraordinarily patient.  Yeah, you didnt have a choice.

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Hello, Porch Peeps,

It’s a glorious day here…a hint of autumn. Mostly sunny and staying in the 70’s. Right now it’s 66.

Woke up under cozy covers at 61 degrees and to the tree company finally arriving to remove that downed limb and do other trimming.

@LaDolceVita …Yesterday was our second foray out to lunch. We had a great time, and once again were the only ones inside the restaurant. Loads of folks dining outside at this place though. It’s just so nice to have contact with people you really like!

Here’s a strange one…

I was sitting on the porch Friday evening before dinner with my glass of wine and this guy walks up the driveway, introduces himself as the person who will be moving in across the street. I have no memory of what he said his name was, I was so surprised. He says, “Dan (the present owner) said your name was ____.” I said that was right and then he proceeds to tell me that today he’s power washing the house and they’ll be moving in soon. He was wondering if he could use the side of my driveway that backs up to my family room for his towing company truck (it’s a big one and can hold a car on its flatbed….I saw it yesterday). Said he’s on call at all hours of the night and can’t park his truck in his driveway or the street. Said he had 2 trucks and a boat and doesn’t know where to keep them. Uhhh, then why are you “rent-to buy-ing” this house with only a carport and driveway that will fit 2 cars?????? Needless to say I said, “no, I’m not comfortable with that,” and he said that’s fine he knew it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Ha! I should have said, yeah, the rent is $20/day. (He didn’t offer to pay anything.)

He seemed like a nice enough guy and then he asked if the power washing would bother me. That driveway question just seemed so odd to me. Like I really want a huge truck in my driveway. 😾

Time for another cuppa Joe!

Let's cozy up with some coffee!Let's cozy up with some coffee!





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Dang more than a hint of Autumn this morning 44* with lower overnights in my future.


Time to have caffeine and perhaps my last haying of the Dooryard.

Play with snowblower and start hauling in firewood at least a cord to start, and then just for a little joy make some kindling.😷





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Monday morning just walked a straight line, through the miracle of modern medicine. If my stomach survives, and side effects remain at bay, I might manage the next 3 weeks.

It’s 62* cloudy degrees and my days are starting to look rosy?? again. Contraindications are a bugger, and the 3 weeks are the magic number to decide if I can live with some side effects.

Frankly I’m willing to try anything about now. Time to play.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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73 sunny degrees.



I’m rediscovering the joys of home ownership, no flooding just trying to find my roofing materials and keep the roofer happy.


Not an easy task.2 weeks and still waiting.


Hope you figure out your sump issues soon, I’m elevated above any need to require a sump, and last house that flooded with rains we painted walls with UGL  drylok and problem never happened again.Least not while we owned it, and present owners still talk to me with no cussing involved.🤣


The exterior of concrete poured walls had some boards and fabric that wicked exterior water to drains away from house. Needed the drylok to completely waterproof basement walls from wicking water - a cheap fix.


Wonder if such a fix would work for you, seems when I lived in Boston cinder block and brick foundations were sealed also with UGL.They didn’t have the fancy materials for wicking water outside the walls, as they were 1880 vintage buildings. Come to think of it 1770 vintage apartment we had in Hatfield, MA in flood zone also used UGL in basement. Brush or blow off dust, and 10 gallons or 2 coats of paint later, no flooding happened.Waterproofed and sealed basement. First coat painted with brush, second with roller and high nap $50 then. And maybe $15 for electric mixer for drill it comes in 1 and 5 gallon buckets.


Can’t remember if used “extreme or regular drylok, giving you a link, might be worth a read. Or watch the videos in link.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Yep, @Frozenoem, such are the "joys" of home ownership.  Flooded basements and leaky roofs.  Music to my ears.  Not!  But nonetheless, I do enjoy my home--the space and comfort of it.  I enjoy the many rooms through which I can freely wander and spread out.  I enjoy the morning when the sun is rising and it's light is peeking through the blinds at my bedroom window.  I love oozing on my family room couch, wrapped in my fluffy soft throw while enjoying the crackle and warmth of a roaring fire in the fireplace.  I love the smells of another of my home-cooked meals wafting through the house.  And I absolutely love caring for and feeding and watching the birds in the yard.  And even the yard...I enjoy the grooming of it and the beauty of it all when the bushes have been freshly coiffed and the grass meticulously trimmed.  In short, there's nothing like home ownership and I am thankful for it indeed.


Having said all of that, I just want to thank you for your suggestion about the Ugl Drylok.  I plan on trying it to see if I can make my soggy basement more dry and comfortable.  I've watched a few videos on You Tube already and I feel I could handle this project.   You always have good suggestions for us here on Our Front Porch and I truly appreciate them and you.

Thanx again.




Esteemed Social Butterfly



Truth be known despite the amount of griping, I love my house for the most part but, don’t need this much any longer🤣.


The UGL and there patching cement should fill and fix anything, including space between floor and wall.

Don’t  know your basement issues. My cabin it was immediate Aw Expletive. Moisture in air, first time I walked into basement in autumn, when furnace kicked in, after a heavy rain storm.


Picture is not of log cabin but, camp That’s the kind of moisture that was my clue. Needs work.



Quick trip to Ben Franklin or TruValue and came home with UGL and brushes and roller.


3 days later dry basement, and no cussing well, less cussing had to put a header in over garage Door beneath Logs , someone forgot to do that when cabin was built. My dogs noticed squirrel came in house through top of Garage door in basement.


Pitter patter of 120 lb Rott and 60 lb GSDx and squirrel going up and down stairs at full speed.Took a week to lose the squirrel👍, and months to fill shrinkage in logs, with oakum and brown silicone.


Think we bought more than a few fixer uppers.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Wednesday 75* and sunny soon it’s back to Doctors🤬


I’ve lost count on years with this situation, tired of vertigo and dizzy. Come on retirement or vegetative state.




Took more than UGL to lose the moisture at the camp but, included picture for my awakening moment at my log cabin.


Just a little less moisture when the furnace kicked on after we bought it. 

Anything can be solved with a couple of dollars start with cement and UGL, it’s been my go to for years.


As far as any other assistance as long as my memory lasts , many interests. 

Think that’s why I started this is a computer at AARP awhile back, this is your problem, this might fix it.


Time to prepare



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello, Porch Peeps!

@LydiaN586309 ...OH, NO!

I have been through that nightmare before, but not in the middle of the night. That is horrible!  I'm so sorry you had to go through that! I still can't go to sleep if it is raining that hard until I hear that sump pump noise. That is way too much work for us to handle. When it happened to me I just stood there sloshing feet and in a mind muddle until I figured I could take a small pump that I had for the pool cover, attach a garden hose, throw it in the pump hole, plug it in, and run the hose to the laundry tub.

When the plumber came the next day he said that was so smart. Sure made me feel better. Sometimes I guess I'm not as dumb as I look. 🤔 

I hope you are taking some breaks with all that work it caused you.


Woke today to more sun, (sorry @LydiaN586309) and temps in the high 60's. Humidity will be increasing today and temps will be mid to upper 80's. Watered the plants and went to the post office. 

Neighborhood quiet today as all the kids are inside with the virtual back to school day today. I noticed a few parents' cars in driveways as they probably needed to stay home for the kids. Not sure how this will work with parents that work outside the home. Sure are strange times and I'm sooooo glad I am not teaching now.

Off for some more coffee.

You all take care!


Coffee time.gif


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Thanks @catwoman500 for the sympathy and empathy.  Since you've been there, you know that I've had a true mess to deal with these last couple of days.  Anyway, thank God the rains have stopped and the sump pump has worked like a champ. And my brand new Shop Vac is now a welcomed addition to my other home maintenance equipment. 


I'm resting now with a belly full of home made macaroni beef and sautéed buttered brussel sprouts.  The sump pump is quiet now.  But at least if the rains return, I know it will kick into action  Oh, BTW, our high temp today was a mere 62 degrees.  No sun.  Only early morning rain which didn't last long.  Good day.  Quiet, peaceful night.


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Good evening to everyone on the Front Porch! Hoping everyone is having a few slow and restful days over this weekend!


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this Saturday morning in 2020. We are expecting temps in the lower 70's with a chance of rain Sunday night.

We have had some big changes here in Madison as we have spent a little over a month in our new home in the Oakwood Prairie Retirement center on the Eastside of Madison. 

I decided not to announce our move until we are somewhat setting. Our home has sold and the closing is at the end of September.  With all that has been going on in the world it truely has been about as challenging as it could be.

Enough about the move in.

With the challenge of trying to keep up a home we decided now was the time to leave our Front Porch and settle into our 4th floor appartment with a view of a park. 

As I usually do I will use photos to give you an idea of where we are!


118849672_10223022569252463_1104236157199112999_o.jpg118894190_10223022573572571_2068151963508764073_o.jpg118833307_10223017595808130_836714823359444122_o.jpg118507890_10222971287370448_2109882242852539237_o.jpgBefore move inBefore move in118765562_10222993379282732_1916636973421718645_o.jpg


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Hi, Everyone,

It was 57 when I woke up this AM. So delicious and delightful. We can’t get used to it though; humidity starts to rise later tomorrow, and then we get storms for the week. So we’ll enjoy this glorious holiday weekend while we can.

@Frozenoem …yeah, lots of chainsaws around here yesterday, but not too early. Started around 8 AM here. My annoyance is with the guy across the street from my bedroom. I nicknamed him Mr. Idle since he always starts his truck and lets it idle for about 10 minutes before he leaves. Wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t have the muffler souped up!

@DaveMcK …I hope you are enjoying your new place. I like the name…it sounds homey! Someone likes Fiesta Ware I see.

Typical Sunday for me...Acme, Ebay, and now more coffee.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe!


Just waiting for the caffeine to kick in.Just waiting for the caffeine to kick in.


Esteemed Social Butterfly

71 and sunny.



Lucky haven’t heard an idler in at least 10 years👍 Moved to back bedroom to solve .


Used to have a neighbor with 500 hp Peterbuilt truck, he could make the whole house shake, every morning at 6:30am.


Irritated the dogs 2 and my wife, no need for alarm clock.

Time to play with blasted tire again, bent pry bar need to figure something else out.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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😎Happy Thursday morning.   It's a pleasant morning here in Oswego, IL.  We finally got some much needed rain a couple of days ago.  That greened things up a little.  The yard hasn't been mowed for the past 2 weeks so this morning it was mowed just to make it look good.  A nice long weekend coming up with Monday being a holiday so I don't have to work that day.  As I am still working (planned on retiring 7/31/20) but with this pandemic and not being able to go many places or do much, i decided to keep on working and get a paycheck.  That also allows me to still be paying into social security which may change my amount that I receive each month.  The doctor told me it was also good for my mind to have to keep it busy like that.  


Hope all of you will have a great day & also do something fun for the long holiday weekend.  






4 grandsons.jpg.jpg

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I really hear you on emails one insists I must be an R that one goes to spam. The other 2 thinks I must be a D or an I but,  AARP I’d really not go looking for in spam. Don’t always check all of my folders.


It’s Bad enough I need to check Company, Personal Company 1 and personal #1 and 2 emails.

Pruning the branches are an ever growing task, annoying as all heck.


When emails are marked clean they should remain that way, 19 years no issue. Then wth🤣




I’m dreaming of Total retirement, with t, I doubt that will happen.Lose the t - heck yeah🤣.


Pass the coffee, need to update a network, annoying.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good morning, Peepers!

And Happy Friday!

I am the most happy because my work week is now over and today I begin a four day mini-vaca!  Happy, happy! Joy, joy!  Indeed!  (I'm smiling right now with a way too wide and toothy grin.)  


The temp is about 75 right now.  The sun is fully up and the sky is the prettiest blue. I mowed the yard yesterday and filled all of my birdfeeders and scrubbed out and refilled my two birdbaths.  So I've been sitting here with the windows and doors open--watching all kinds of birds coming in for their morning meal.  So far I've seen a husband and wife pairing of cardinals and mourning doves.  Of course, their were more than a couple of rock doves (better known as pigeons) and a bunch of sparrows.  Also, a lone blue jay made his presence know by his caw.  And I had that rare red- bellied finch flitting from feeder to ground and back again enjoying himself it seemed to the fullest.


Then only ominous sighting was that of that pesky hawk whose wide wingspan cast a very dark and foreboding shadow on my patio and scattered the other birds away.  The hawk flew over and swooped down low over my backyard fence, but at least this time he didn't land.  Nor did he stay for long for which I was grateful.  Don't want to see any of my little birds become food for the hawk--at least not in my presence.


My belly is full and warm--having had my walnut and raisin oatmeal and a comforting cup of creamy Folger's coffee.  So I think it's time for me too slowly head back to bed and enjoy a late morning nap.


So peepers, enjoy this day and every day a-comin'.   Stay safe and remember to be good to good ol' irreplaceable YOU!





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Happy Friday, Porch Peeps!

We are starting off with sun for a lovely holiday weekend. No 90's in the forecast, and lower humidity! Wahoo!

Got up in the middle of the night after the storm passed through and opened the windows. So refreshing.

Thought I'd treat myself to a Starbucks did everyone else in town it seemed. The line was very long at the drive thru. It's not cold enough for hot pumpkin spice, but I thought I'd try an iced coffee with a couple of pumps of pumpkin. Turned out tasting really good. Probably could have used 3 pumps of pumpkin, but I didn't want to add the extra 30 calories. I wanted to keep it under 100 calories as today is not a "cheat" day for me. 😿

So, as we roll into the weekend, I hope everyone enjoys themselves while staying safe. I have no plans. Once again I will miss my bi-annual burger. It will be a whole year without a hamburger...weird. 🍔 I seem to be fixated on food today. LOL

Now I'll go back to enjoying my iced coffee.

Stay well, all!

Cats and coffee.gif


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74 sunny degrees in mountains, I’m feeling less than rosy, T’s comments are irritating me today.


I may have finally snapped, gave money to D’s, to end this BS. I’ll forgo a few gallons of caffeine.


500% matching seems like a bargain price for sanity - mine.🤣


Time to call on my missing roof panels, how they can misplace a 45’ trailer is beyond me.



Go for the extra squirts of pumpkin, I’m beyond caring for my figure, living everyday like it’s my last.


We’ve had our first cases of Covid in my county, woohoo!

Doctors appt’s begin again next week, irritation reigneth but, I’ve kept my weight on - kinda.


The magical November 1 cure , I think I’ll wait until after it’s shown to be proven efficacy. Merely flu and pneumonia shots with an IV of Jamison.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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