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I have decided to move to September from here as our posts were down due to Summer. Hoping you are all well!




Good Morning to the Front Porch and Welcome to JULY 2020 Goodbye JUNE 2020.

Hoping everyone has a great First Day OF JULY 2020.




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Thought I'd give it a stab on my computer and was freaked out when I got all the way to post!

Can't believe I got here! 😺

Now let's see if I can post a photo...

Social distancing?Social distancing?


How about worked. Hope to see you all on the computer tomorrow!


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79* sunny and time to finish mowing- yeah. Rain is coming again.


And now, I need to print a bumper sticker I saw and liked.Or iron-on t-shirt decisions, decisions and boredom.




Beginning to think it’s AARP gremlins in the machinery or tech’s at work on web site.


My font color changed to white, on white background, without my selecting color change. Reason my sig changed to blue type.


EZ enough to do on computer but, on phone I’ve never done it.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good morning, Peeps!

Happy Fourth of July!  Hope you all enjoy this day and the rest of your weekend as well.  It's gonna be another scorching hot day here.  So I'm laying low.  But while everyone is enjoying family, friends, and cookouts, please remember....


And be safe!  Smile.


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Good Morning, Porch Peeps!

Happy Fourth of July!

I'm back...The mysterious powers that be allowed me to access the forums on my computer today. Wahoo!

Wonder how long it will last.

I also got one notification today about Dave's post.

Today's temps are not that bad, but we are headed into that heat soon.

Enjoy some of that great holiday food. I'm still eating soft stuff on one side of my mouth.

Stay safe. Play safe!




Ooooh, Ahhh!Ooooh, Ahhh!


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Happy Birday with candles.jpg

Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !
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Hi folks, all of my notifications are  going to the spam box in spite of my repeated corrections.   Hot and miserable here  and looks like more of the same coming our way.   We had a lovely June so I will try not to complain.  

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All of mine going to SPAM as well even though I marked a not spam in my options for my account.  It's also been quite hot here in the Chicago area.  Cooled down for a few days & rain yesterday but headed back up to 90s this weekend with heat index of over 100.  UGH!  Definitely not my favorite time of the year.  Hope everyone is well.



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@wvgirlforever , yes, all my notifications still hitting the Junk pile no matter what I've tried.  The new norm.  Just taking it for granted that a lot of things are becoming the 'new norm'.  😁  Just gotta live with it. 


Finally went to the dentist and it just seemed weird to take my mask OFF.  But not before I used a mouth rinse, gargled, washed hands.  My dentist was telling me how she was involved in webinars and conference calls and tele-meetings and the first time she had one of those "is-that-what-I-look-like-on-video" moments on Zoom.  You know how you just get comfortable when you're staying at home and you just put on any old thing (if you even bother to get out of your pajamas) and you may or may not comb your hair?  And then bingo! there you are for all your peers to see.  She said she immediately turned off her video feed, so she could get somewhat more presentable and I laughed and laughed.  Darn near couldn't stop laughing long enough to get my check-up done. 😂

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Morning all my day for travels.




Congratulations you just put me in a Groundhog Day loop Or what may be my first Marc Maron WTF moment, on this

Friday July 17th, been waiting 7 months for this appt, only get up at dawn for Fishing and long trips to Doctor.



I can’t figure out AARP email issues to Spam folder just when I think it’s golden I get a spam.

Checked everything I could think of and some really funky ideas.

Just don’t know only AARP roll call for the moment, are hitting spam folder maybe in a couple of more updates fixes will happen- magically.


Like battery drainage on my iPhone, were fixed with latest update to iOS.😷




Tape recorders and my voice, always thought in my mind it was  baritone, on tape recordings I hear chipmunks on gas.


But, on TV and Zoom I sound to me Normal, pity for the cameras.


And now need more caffeine, need to wake up for drive and find new mask , spritz with Febreze and prepare for long drive.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi,  all,

Yes, it is Friday,  7/17, and yes, still posting from my phone. Grrrr!

At least some of you are getting your notices even if they end up in spam. I'm getting nothing, plus not being able to get here via computer. I'm getting cranky. 

It's getting sticky here, and we're headed for an uncomfortable weekend. 

When  Microsoft did updates this morning,  an icon for Edge appeared and is sitting at the bottom of the monitor with my others.  I may look at it later and see if it's going to make my life easier.

Hang in there,  everyone. 


Are you sure that was caffeinated?

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@catwoman500 , yes, I got the new updated Edge, too.  My default and favorite browser is Opera, but it doesn't want to play nice with AARP, so I use Edge strictly for AARP.  Seems like it is incorporating a few elements that Opera has already been using for years like Speed Dial (or a variation of same).


Very sticky here too.  Still do walkabouts with the remaining furkids, but it is always after dark.  However I still end up drenched, and I notice the kids tend to park themselves in a grassy spot and watch me go running by.  So much for 'leading the troops against marauding invaders'.  🙄

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Catching up on posts here, just had to react to the Febreze on the  masks.  Yikes!!!   I would simply die if I did that.   I get a weird reaction, not really allergy but a sense of perfume/fabric softener down in my stomach if I smell these.   I avoid strong artificial scents at all costs.   Good way to keep me 10 ft away is to wear really strong perfume.    Or wave one of those fabric softener sheets at me.   Just had to tell you all as its kinda funny.     Hot and miserable here.  Had another hair cut  and a very short, masked discretionary shopping for sandals which do not hurt.   I found a pair I love AND they do not hurt.  

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Good Evening, Peepers!

I missed the morning and afternoon as I did 16 hours last night at work.  Got home around 9am, made a quick breakfast of Eggos and sausage, and then folded into bed.  For the most part, I've been in and out of sleep all day--only exception being trips to the bathroom.  But now I'm awake and although I'm still a bit groggy, at least I'm sitting upright.  Smile.


I'm happy to hear those of y'all who've been able to to get to the hairdresser and/or the dentist.  Admittedly, I'm still feeling overly cautious and won't be seeing either any time in the near future--not unless I have a problem with a tooth or I can't get a comb through my hair anymore.  Maybe in the Spring!


Super hot here and the weather guy says it's going to be  weekend scorcher.  As always I'm thanking God for air conditioning, fans, room-darkening blinds, Crystal Light, and bountiful amounts of ice cubes.  And since I've just about finished all of my outdoor yard projects,  I will probably just lay low this weekend and stay out of the sun and heat.  


I purchased a brand new birdfeeder this week and added it to the other two on the patio.   So far I've seen my usual feathered friends--mourning doves, robins, cardinals, blue jays, rock doves, and an abundance of red-winged black birds.  Hoping the finches, buntings, and woodpeckers will return soon. But whoever comes, I'm glad to see them as they enjoy the feed and I enjoy their color, song, and flitting dance.


Anyway, I hope everybody is doing okay and most of all staying healthy.










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Hi, porch peeps.

It was 70 degrees while I was having my coffee on the porch at 8:30 this morning!! With a breeze, I felt like long sleeves would have been welcome. It won't last long. 

I am once again shut out of the community forums on my computer. 

Have a great day,  everyone. 



Extra cream,  please!

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Tuesday afternoon, I’ll leave it at that, after 4 hours on the road and many, many colorful phrases.🤬




If you use gmail or yahoo, keep marking AARP as clean, and moving to inbox.


A regular email address same thing keep marking it as non-spam, eventually it will return to normal😎.


Eventually it gets the idea, and it doesn’t go to spam. Success! Just received my first AARP notice in inbox after a month of spam and retraining.


Ask tomorrow whether inbox still knows spam from email. This morning 6 msgs went to spam, now have 2 in inbox, without my touching or moving them.




Really had hoped your feral was hiding from noise or fireworks, like some here. 




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good morning to Everyone in Porchlandia!


It's 69 degrees here right now.  And of course, I have absolutely no intention of going to the beach.  But the pic looked so inviting and upbeat, I just had to post it here.  Maybe one day--in a far distant future.


Anyway, we have an expected high of 88 degrees later on today.  But right now the sunny blue skies and the more than pleasant temp is good enough for me.


I'm going to work out in the garage this morning and may even tackle some yard work.  We shall see.  Got to get my motor running and my gears in motion first.  Right now I feel like a 1948 Studebaker that's been sittin' on blocks quite a few years.  But I'm gonna get myself together and make it a good day!  Varooom!


Hope y'all doing good;  finding your peace and enjoying the blessed life we yet have.  You know, although I am mightily concerned about EVERYTHING going on around this country and the world, it is in the early morning hours--before the sun is fully up, before I turn on the noise from the television or radio, before I let the world into my world, when I find my greatest peace in solitude.  It's that time when I can pray, watch the early birds as they feed, think minor thoughts or no thoughts at all.  I can make and have my first cup of hot, creamy, sweet coffee--enjoying each sip after sip after sip.  Slow.


Having said all of that, I guess I best be getting to it.  Be blessed all.  And remember to be good to good ol' irreplaceable YOU!







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69* and raining again with thunder in distance, honestly feel like I’m in rural FL after 4 days of heavy rain and some flooding.


Today I added again - to my email contact lists, and for the moment that’s working for AARP email not going to spam.


I say for the moment because politics and computer forum go to inbox, and front porch goes to spam.


Don’t have a clue what’s changed in AARP land and haven’t been on a computer lately.


As far as finding forums that part is easy, added a shortcut to my browser, that logs me directly into those forums, either into roll call or index of politics or computer/technology.👍


Still trying to deal with medical issues, and my hike in Mid July?





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Now how the heck did my previous post get put into a "spoiler?"

Esteemed Social Butterfly

Thursday Morning 70*, sunny and I live, that’s it. Today rain and thunderstorms later, that nasty grass grew.


Ordered food on-line from Walmart and hated the experience, want to go to store in person Vs re-experience that. 

We’ve opened borders to Some other states, I’m concerned And feel a spike coming.👎🏻




Best guess, you tried a direct link to something with a copy/paste instead of using the hyperlink icon up next to picture , and inserting url in its box and description in the next.


I think I need coffee, that didn’t make any sense to me. Not to worry though I’ve been spoiler alerted a couple of times as well.


If picture worked above, then it came from hard drive of phone not from a website, and was posted using the picture icon.Then selecting Picture from my library.


Or AARP is making changes to website, and I don’t know. 


And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi , Porch Peeps,
Happy July.
Can't write too much...still on my phone for now. Tired already of eating soft food on one side of my mouth. At least there's no pain.
Have a fun day, and as always...stay safe. 

Liberty and coffee for all.jpg

Coffee and liberty for all!

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Good morning, Peepers!


Time to rise and least until it's time for me to go down for my nap! Smile.


Now, I've already had my first cup of coffee for this morning. And yet, I'm am still quite blurry of thought and sloo-of-foot.  So maybe another cup is in order.  After while!


@LaDolceVita, my AARP community forum notifications have been going to my spam folder as well for some months now.  I just don't worry about it as long as I'm getting the notices.  I just know I have to check my spam throughout the day to keep up.  So I'm good.


It's already hot here as well.  But I opened my windows early this morning and cooled down the house before the temps started rising.  So right now, it's pleasant inside and well under the fans, it's actually cool.  If it gets super hot or humid, thank God there's always air conditioning as my backup!


One wonderful benefit to airing the house out what with the windows open, is the natural air freshener provider by my beautiful lilac bushes in the front and back.  The fragrance of fresh lilac is wafting through my house right now and it is "marvelous!"  And also I have the lovely songs of the various birds gracing my feeders and yard. Their chitter, chatter, tweets, and songs are a joy to hear.  Peace.



So as we leave the month of June, all I can think of is how much we all have yet to be thankful for.  I, for one, am thankful just to be able to be healthy enough and have presence of mind enough to thank God for being yet alive!  I am thankful for every breath I take and that I was able to open my eyes this morning.  I'm thankful that in spite of all of the turmoil going on in the world, I yet and still have a place that's comfortable and sufficient for me to live and be.  Thankful for a few good friends and loved ones who help keep me buoyed and encouraged.  Grateful for Our Front Porch group where we can share just a little bit of our day/world with each other.  Thanks @DaveMcK for maintaining this forum for us all. 


Anyway, I guess that's about it for me for now.  Please everybody, continue to stay safe, be wise, and keep healthy.  Enjoy the day!





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Another month already?!  They're still blending together, albeit getting much warmer than when this odyssey began.  I had sort of hoped, but didn't allow myself to get overly optimistic, that we would be further along.  Today, Virginia goes into Phase 3.  Patience.  Add a big dose of common sense to that.


July marks my return to the dentist that has been postponed since March.  I'm thinking this month is the charm.


@LaDolceVita  and @LydiaN586309 , same with my notifications.  Now it is just an autoreaction to check the Junk.


Still keeping the porch light burning for my missing furkid.  🙏  Alas.



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Hi, all,

Just as I was starting to receive notices,  now I can't get to the community forums on my computer again. ARRRGH! The old "request entity too large." message. 

Wanted to tell you all about my tooth extraction and implant on Monday,  but it's too long to type with 2 fingers on this silly phone. Maybe I can get back in a couple of days????

You all take care.

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To my Front  Porch friends with a July Birthday, I wish you all the best in your life and the happiest birthday to you.

Having a July Birthday? Congratulations! What's great about July birthdays?

1. July's birthstone is the ruby and is said to inspire courage and success.

2. Your July flower is the water lily, which symbolizes purity and majesty. 

3. Those born in July are either Cancer (June 21 - July 22) or Leo (July 23 - Aug 22). Cancer signs are nurturing and sensitive. Leo kids are bold and outgoing.

4. Your July day might share a birthday with Tom Hanks  (July 9),  Kristen Bell (July 18), Selena Gomez (July 22) or Sandra Bullock (July 26). 

5. Your July day might be on one of these big days including July 4, Independence Day, National Ice Cream Day on the third Sunday in July or the fourth Sunday in July which is Parents' Day (What a way to celebrate!).




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
Trusted Contributor

@DaveMcK I was one of those July birthdays or my day better known as Christmas in July.  Just happy to still be here.  🤣

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