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Good Morning to the Front Porch and Welcome to JANUARY 2020 Goodbye DECEMBER 2019

Hoping everyone has a great First Day OF JANUARY 2020. 



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this first Friday of January 2020! We are looking at our current temp of 32* the high for the day. No big plans for the weekend. Hoping everyone has a restful and peaceful weekend. 

May our troops being shipped overseas be safe!



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this first day of 2020 on Wednesday, January 1st! My you all have a Joyous and Blessed Year!



New Year’s Eve 2020: Pictures From Around the World



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Afternoon all, decided to sleep in. Medicinal toddies worked, walking upright once more!


Yesterdays light and fluffy became heavy, wet and dense. Wonder what today will bring, it's snowing.


cataracts happen  Had both eyes done awhile back. Went from cokebottles glasses/contacts to 20/30 and 20/20 and Re-learning blinking without glasses. Felt like vampire for aweek if separated from my welders goggles (it was bright everywhere).🤣


Now need glasses or microscope to re-work solder on computers or iPhones/androids/etc.


Enjoy the new year all, time to get weather and start anew.


Only resolution is gain weight and get answers.👍





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi, All,

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s celebration.

Best wishes for the best year ever in 2020!

Welcome to a new year!Welcome to a new year!


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To Everybody on Our Front Porch,


May every hardship be left in your rearview mirror and every blessing be in sight on the road ahead.  Wishing you all the best in the New Year -- starting right now!


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Here's wishing a happy, healthy and peaceful new year to all my friends on the porch.

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Happy New Year folks!  Only resolution I have is to try and take a half hour for yoga this year.  I feel creaky and tight and much like an old person.   And I have cataracts too.  Have not visited eye doc for 2 and a half years and this was a surprise.  No wonder I cant see!

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@LaDolceVita , I had cataract surgery a couple of years ago.  Been nearsighted most of my life.  Wore contact lenses for 50+ years.  I went from always sticking something in my eye(s) to zero-maintenance clear vision.  It's a lifestyle changer for sure and I love it. 


I opted for the multifocal toric lens which correct presbytopia and astigmatism.  Medicare pays for monovision, but I decided to pay the extra because it was something that would impact the rest of my life and I really, really hate reading glasses.  The doc said I went from 20/750 to 20/15.


@Frozenoem  is right about bright.  I went from looking at the world through warm white to bright white. 


Ooooh... the colors...  tripping.gif  Like wow, man.

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Like wow man awoke to the sound of Messiah and emergency FaceTime family call. 

Nieces cat had prolapsed rectum, really didn't want to think without coffee and now slightly off food but, sugar reduces moisture , saline for a rinse, and olive oil as lubricant. In it goes.


Now, curiosity has me wondering what old book of Maine I read that in or what recess of my brain it came from.


Today promises 40* and sunshine with another storm on weekend, hope the weathers back to normal. And cat keeps internal organs internal.


It's been awhile since I had a cat 35 years, odd stuff cluttering my brain. I know the olive oil lubricant came from , "We took to the woods", wonder where the rest came from.🤣


Edit- Just remembered Grandmother on Farm in NH in '56 did similar with barn cat, guess who was beside her. Ah, the memories of youth.


Pre-saline solutions pre-mixed she made her own🤣



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem   OMG I had no idea that it would go back in.


Very hard rain here, this is the second day.  Hard to get out at all.

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Afternoon all on this rainy day, disappointing I had wanted snow. I might be feverish need snow at least once twice per week in winter.


Maybe tonight when we get a skiff of snow 5-6". Or Later in the week for more. Not to worry though will be griping around March🤣.




If my Scot grandmother wished something to go back in, it darn well had better or else. Army corp nurses were no  nonsense types. As were most of her daughters.




We can hope, I feel a wag the dog, coming.


On that note need to get going before weather becomes a skating rink.






And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi, Porch Peeps,

Today was my trip to my stepson’s.

WOWIE! The FOG! I thought I’d have to call Santa and see if he’d lend me Rudolph for the trip it was that awful!

Could have used you today, old buddy!Could have used you today, old buddy!

I started out in more fog than I’d ever driven in here, and then went through places that were a little better, and places that were much worse. It was not pleasant. Much better on the way home, just dreary and a little wet.

It was worse than this.It was worse than this.

Wish I had had some of this coffee!

I did have a mug of Peet’s Major Dickason’s when I got home this afternoon.

Sure could have used this!Sure could have used this!

Hope you all are doing something fun (besides shoveling snow!)

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Good afternoon, everyone,

It’s partly sunny and mild here at 46. Rain will be moving in later and Friday and Saturday seem likely to be washouts. Not happy about that since I have to travel about an hour to my stepson’s so we can “do Christmas.”

New Year’s Eve was quiet with just 3 of us “girls” able to make it. We ate and chatted and played some games. Actually we were so involved with the game we were playing that we forgot to turn on the TV to watch the ball drop. Only the fireworks from surrounding areas let us know it was 2020.

I didn’t get home until 2 AM so I slept really late yesterday. Glad I didn’t have to be anywhere.

I need to start putting some of the decorations away. Guess I’ll start with my Santa collection. Little by little I will eventually get everything done. Will replace decorations with some snowman related items so it doesn’t seem so blah in here after all the colorful holiday stuff is gone.


@Frozenoem ...Yikes, poor kitty! Cat Sad


Enjoy this second day of 2020.

Say goodbye, Santas!Say goodbye, Santas!



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