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Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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@catwoman500 , I'm right there with you about the older I get, the more I am fed up with the cold.  Especially after that power shutdown the beginning of the year.


Lately I've been experiencing a desperate, annoying cat food shortage problem.  Even Chewy who I get an autoship from is a keep-your-fingers-crossed situation.  Last shipment, they didn't have my Fish-a-Licious, not even backordered, got a discount off my next order, BUT that doesn't help the furkids and it put me behind on my stock.  Had to go looking for back-up food to make sure I have enough until my next shipment (Friday) and saw only a smattering of dented cans and no cases. 😾 Finally scored a couple of cases of Shreds at my closest Walmart this morning available for pick-up later today.  BOOM, in my cart they went.  Didn't chance going over there to buy off shelf, make sure I reserved them now.   Cat food is like gold now. 🪙

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Hey, Folks!

@MsStretch …that is awful about the scarcity of the cat food. I looked at Chewy a few secs ago, and yeah, “temporarily out” on both the Fish-a-licious and Shreds. Bummer. Is there a food pantry/bank for animals near you? Just Googled and wondered about that. Found:

Pet Food Banks Are on the Rise—Here’s How to Support One Near You | BeChewy

It mentions:

 Alley Cat Rescue, a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless cats, has a list of organizations offering pet food supplies by state. You can also type “pet food bank near me” into your search engine of choice to bring up options closest to you. 😿


@Frozenoem ... hear you about the not a wake up at 7 type person, and even though my stepson has more work to do here, I’m relishing not having to get up at 6!

Hope you don’t spring a leak with the needles!


Not happy about the storm that’s a’comin’. Just hope the power stays on. Blizzard type winds are not what I want to hear. Looks like it’s worse for the coast, but pretty sure we’ll get something.

You all hang in there!


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Good Sunday Morning everyone.

We are haveing a bright and sunny morning after about 4" of new snows! Exspeting more snow this evening with temperatures in the low single digits
Have a blessed and enjoyable day today.

Hoping you are enjoying your first sips of coffee. 







Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Warmed up to 2* after low of 0* sunny, coffee is grand after 3-4 days of Chai tea🤮 great for corned beef less than delightful for drinking. Had to go camping near Quebec must have been when cell did update, last night I noticed weather was in Celsius vs F -30* C and I really don’t haul in firewood in slippers.


Seem to have received a solid block of snow 15”, and don’t recall when, had to play pincushion.


Y’all have fun, I think I’ll haul wood, it’s kinda brisk out. But, may warm to 8* Yep that is F🤣



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hey, Peeps,

Hope everyone is staying warm. Not sure how you do it, @Frozenoem. Enjoy that snow block! We’ve had some temps in the single digits lately, and it was not fun! The older I get the more I need to stay inside. And I swear the older I get, the more things annoy me. I never wanted to be a “grumpy old woman.” I always keep my grumpiness to myself, so no one knows, but you guys are a perfect venting board. LOL 😸

It’s about 30 right now, feeling like 28, so not bad at all. This week looks like the highs will be between 43 tomorrow to 28 on Saturday when there is a question of some snow.


Friday I had lunch with my friend who is usually in Myrtle Beach by this time in the winter, but they stayed longer to have the memorial service for their son who died in December. We went to one of the Turning Points. It’s a chain of small restaurants that are known for coffee and breakfasts. The food was great, but oh, the noise level was off the chain. I could barely hear my friend. Sure hope it isn’t my hearing as that is another thing we have to worry about as we get older. 🙄

Today I had another friend over for coffee and to see my new addition. She brought a still warm lemon blueberry bread that she had baked this morning. Oh, wow, it was so good. Small pleasures make for good days! 😻


@LaDolceVita …good luck with the finishing touches. Winter is a hard time to get some of the needed stuff done. When the painter was here last, he wanted frugal me to turn up the heat so the paint would dry. Of course, I did begrudgingly.


I’m with you, @DaveMcK …


More, ASAP!More, ASAP!


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How I do it is woodstove and sometimes oil heat, presently 1* and awaiting livery to play pincushion.Not a wake-up at 7 am kinda person🤣


Stay upright with caffeine allowed👍

Ask me tomorrow how the overnight lows of -18 to -20* actual temps go.


Now to all East coasters buckle up your safety belts for Saturday there may be a nor’easter coming will it be mountains or coast, not a clue.

it’s the 40-50mph gales I find concerning for mountains


My driveway pile stands presently at 7 and 5 feet of little snow flurry action. But, I can still see out first floor windows👍 Changed my

stacking locations for piles, think I’ll pull out the elbow length mittens for snowmobiling without heated hand warmers for todays walk.🤔



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Bronze Conversationalist


Wishing  a New Year that I hope will be filled with blessings and reasons for joy to each of you!


I will soon be officially closing the 2021 books for my studio and gallery soon.  What I was afraid would be a shaky year what with Covid and all, actually turned out to be quite profitable in the final months.  

Weatherwise, we just got a bunch of snow and drifting on Friday.  My snow plow guy showed up today, so now I am "free to go" whenever I need a trip to the city.  It's supposed to turn bitterly cold starting Tuesday, and quite possibly even snow more today.  Such is winter in the Midwest....we are used to it.


I started my first cortisone injection in my shoulder a week ago.  Found out I have some small tears in my rotator cuff as well as a greatly inflamed tendon.  Starting to feel more mobile already which is good, although still some soreness from the injection....which is nothing compared to the debilitating pain I had without it.  👍


I hope this message finds each of you well, warm, and safe.


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It’s snowing and yet warm, around 29, pesky outdoor thermometer blew away again.Guess it didn’t like the 40 mph gale last night. If I were to guess around 12” has fallen? Maystop in another 3-4 hours, least it didn’t run to sleet or rain yet.👍


Think I’ll go dodge snowplows and get some food in, after starting a fire. Still expect power outages.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Happy Monday, Peeps,

Didn’t get to sleep until after 3 AM due to wind and rain slamming at the windows, and the sump pump gushing every 5 minutes. Only good part was the washing away of the 3 or so inches of snow that happened last evening into the night. The rain change started around 11 PM. Was praying for no outages, and we made it. 😺

The frigid temps have been brutal, and this week we’ll have some roller coaster temps. A few days ago, we had the coldest temps in 3 years. 


@Frozenoem …nothing compared to your winters, but when the car sat in the sun on Sunday while I spent an hour in the grocery store, the car’s temp reading was still only 9 for the outside air when I came out, so I can imagine what the wind chill was. Brrr! Be careful going out!


Warming up today. It’s 36 and cloudy.


@MsStretch …hope you made it through the "weather" safely this time.


@RosemaryF433825 …hope your shoulder is feeling better.


@LaDolceVita …yeah, I kind of hold my breath with every new forecast, especially the ones that say, “possible power outages.” Just need the power to stay on.


Hope everyone is staying safe and warm.


Monday Peeps.jpg



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Thanks for your good wishes, CatWoman!

And lovvvvvve your little cat pic!!   Sounds like my house!  🤗

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Hi folks.  No power problems here, although I was worried last week when the cold spell began.  We did get a bit of white stuff last weekend but it did not stick.  Getting our share of cold.  Will warm to the 40s today, over 50 tomorrow but  every night will dip into the 20s next week.  


I think the weather is delaying the completion of the house as caulking and paint do not like cold.  It is just touch ups now but it seems nothing was done due to weather last week.   

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It's snowing. 🌨️ Very cold.  Making me nervous after that last fiasco.  


Stay safe and warm wherever you are. 🧣🧤🥾

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Yeah, here we go again. *sighs audibly*  Not near the same amounts of snow forecasted for my area, but it's the darn ice that's scaring me. 🌨️ Ice can do some serious damage to an already ravaged area.


Almost 2 weeks later, and the damage around this area is still plainly visible.  Scary.  Thank God no one was killed or died.


@Frozenoem , I have an underground basement, no headspace for humans except those under 5'. We have kept the door ajar so the cats can share the space with the occasional opossum.  They're all best buds by now. 

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Power surges going on and lots of wind. I imagine we could lose power any minute if a tree falls on a line.  Scary outside watching the big trees swaying.  Will stay in the 30s today and tomorrow but no snow or ice.  Hope everyone is safe. 

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Hope everyone doing OK.


After 5 days and 4 nights, we got power back at 7PM yesterday.  Unfortunately, generator problems and other snafus left me without heat on a couple of nights.  Our county saw "catastrophic damage".  Mother Nature gave us the perfect storm.  The frustration and hopelessness was overwhelming.  I can't thank the people including my neighbors/landlord who reached out and we all tried to help to keep each other's sanity.  We were one of the last areas to get power and I understand there are still about 1000 residents without power on Day 6.  I was just trying to think how I could help them -- bring them hot food and coffee maybe?  Can't bring them power or heat.  I pray for them.

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Hope everyone’s back to normal and with power, finally talked myself into getting up and leaving the mummy bag in bed.


Temps have been in negative number, when air temp hit -30* the mummy bag was pulled from closet.


With functioning generator only suggestion is you can put on separate manual crossover box for power failures. Most furnaces run on 115Volt, can be run on gensets.And depending upon wattage of appliances or circuits you can add must have circuits for generator supply.


About the best suggestions for supplies are army navy stores and cold weather survival gear, sleeping bags, camp stoves, extra propane tanks for cooking. And for well water gallons of water on standby.


Camping experience takes on a whole nother meaning.. Today it’s warmed up to 10* and I think I’ll now take a walk and bring in food, something other than pancakes or shortbread.


Five days in negative numbers just made do with supplies On hand and absolutely no desire to leave free for tests.


Feel a caffeinated beverage in my immediate future.




Snowville in Maine is relatively non-existent this year barely 2’ on the ground. Might get a real storm later in the week Saturday or Sunday, hopefully here and not at the coast, where Stretches storm hit.


Missing banked snow against the outbuildings to keep the critters warm, neighbors have been using straw bales. Now need to shop before temps drop again- -30 to -60 is just too darned cold.


That when med’s hopefully work to keep joints flexible.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Heat wave today 20*, tonight wind chill warnings for 10 minutes to frostbite. -30*.

Jst remembered that my old contractor grade 8800 Watt generator when used on coast supplied power to well, fridge , furnace , water filtration and a few other circuits in cabin. And handled surge for startup, if math is correct ?? Around 12,000 watt, just required killing house main power (in case.power was restored while sleeping ) and crossover switch and circuit breakers flipped on separate electrical box for generator only use.Big gas tank allowed running for 2 days or longer with marine exterior tank and suction hose for 8 days.

Happened once in 1999👎🏻.


Mummy bag is rated to -30* F and was left over from Korea. Paid $90 and was used doing trail maintenance, and camping AMC trail huts in winter. Big plus machine washable.


Easiest method for keeping the house warm for crawl spaces or basements is to shovel snow against foundation or piers. Probably where ferals huddled for warmth during power outage, think Quinzee snow camp or igloo. Stay relatively warm with candle & tree boughs.


Time to haul firewood before it gets brisk.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Looks like we are getting ready for another round and most of the eastern US is included.  @MsStretch   I imagine you had a terrible time keeping cats watered etc.  I am hoping the ice stays away! 

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Afternoon 0* feels like -18* with windchill , frostbite anyone🤔. Snows coming to eastern seaboard, button up and prepare for the worst.Least it’s warmed up from last night with 50 mph winds.

Working up courage to go out in mud room and bring in firewood, expected lows here to be -20 to -40 again. At least our snow drought may be over expect 12-14” more Monday with Nor’easter.


Why all the talk of snow, it will eventually melt and turn into water, increasing our water table.


Time to play enjoy your day




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Oh, wow! @MsStretch ...that is awful. 😧 I was feeling good that you at least had heat and now to find out you were without it for a few nights makes me cringe. And for the power outage to last so long!  You were a trooper for sure. That is my worst nightmare. I hate the's painful. Hoping you are consuming loads of hot foods and beverages under mounds of blankets now to get yourself warmed back up.


Toast those tootsies!Toast those tootsies!



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Good morning everyone on this Wednesday morning January 5th, 2022. 
Our weather today has winds, blowing snow and temperatures in the teens.
Our 15 month old grandaughter has been enjoying her first Winter playing out in the snow. 
Have a nice day inside enjoying your coffee.




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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@DaveMcK   So cute!!   The cold is back here too, will be 22 tonight. 


@catwoman500  I think we may be able to start the move in about 3 weeks.   Nothing written in stone, it keeps getting put off.  I dread moving, cannot wait to live there though.

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Mary and I wish you well. Our move in July of 2020 was far more challenging than we expected as the last moved was in 1978.

That was from a 3 bedroom appartment to 4 bedroom house.  

We did a VERY POOR JOB OF DOWN SIZING for people moving into a 2 bedroom appartment with 2 small storage lockers. 










Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Snow is here 🌨 and plenty of it! Power bit the dust long ago. ☹️ Generator going, but limited resources. Heater. No water (well). Had a pitcher of cold coffee in ‘frig so am able to get a caffeine fix and prevent total meltdown. 


Just now accounted for all the furkids. Don’t know where they sheltered. No heated kitty beds for them and couldn’t find them earlier. 😿 Need to go back out and clear some of the drifting snow out and away from their shed. May not be toasty, but it’s out from the snow.


Bah humbug! 😾😡

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@MsStretch ...oh, darn! 😾 Hope it doesn't last much longer and your power returns! The snow amounts I'm hearing are nuts! Stay least you have heat. That's what I'd want most in a winter power outage.

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Been a couple of mild days (relatively speaking considering it is winter) but it is turning colder, windier, and snow is on the way in a few hours.


Watched Football Team totally blow its last chance for the play-offs today against the Eagles.  Congrats, @catwoman500 .  When half the team got put on the Covid list a couple of weeks ago, that killed their momentum.


Unfortunately, did not start off the new year with a first day hike.  Too rainy and although I don't mind sloshing through mud (sorta fun), I just don't relish getting totally soggy. 


Here's to 2022.  Let the fun begin. 🥳

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Happy New Year to all our Porch Peeps!


As @MsStretch said, the weather has really been way warmer than it’s supposed to be, but we did have a big change overnight. Highs in the 60’s yesterday and now the Jersey shore is getting snow along with DC and the coast. We aren’t getting any here in the Philly burbs, but it is cold and gloomy. @Frozenoem, are you still delighting in living in “Snowville?” @MsStretch , guessing you are experiencing the snow by now.


As for the game yesterday…sorry MsStretch,…I had company, so I turned the sound off but left the kitchen TV on. I usually can’t watch since I tend to scream at the players. Covid protocols have hit so any of the teams that you never know who is going to be able to play in which game.


New Year’s Eve Day, my contractor/stepson brought the family (and lunch) up for our holiday visit and to see the results of his labors. We are pretty well finished with the renovations. The outside stuff will have to wait until spring. The new bathroom and huge extension on the bedroom are wonderful. I have now been able to do loads of laundry without having to step by step carefully hobble down to the basement! I am in love with my new washer and dryer. I think they may be smarter than I am. There is an option to use Wi-Fi to connect them to your smart phone, but honestly…WHY? It’s not like I’m going to go out to run errands and decide that that is when I want to start the wash. Meanwhile, wouldn’t you need a robot to actually put the clothes in the washer and then transfer them to the dryer when you’re not at home? The whole thing makes me think of the Jetsons. Way too technical for my little brain.


So for New Year’s Eve I was here by myself. I actually enjoyed it much more than going out like usual. I was supposed to go to a party but cancelled out on that about a week and a half ago when the CDC started to warn us about gathering with large crowds. Not sure if this party was going to be big, but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I don’t know if all the other people were vaxxed and boostered!


Guess it’s time to start thinking about un-decorating. It’s weird here without my stepson pounding or drilling or otherwise shaking the silence!


You all have a great start to the new year and may this one finally be a better one than the last two! 😺





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