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Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Tuesday afternoon sounds about right for day.

10* and might be a heat wave tomorrow with temps in 20”s, looking forward to it. Walking like a penguin getting old.


Covid rates are down, and according to Doc’s , I’m perhaps a month away from becoming an Energizer bunny vs underwound Seth Thomas mantel clock👍.


Saw my first sign of Spring, the corner of my lawn has melted. 3 foot wide swath of dirt, left over from plow going through, and can see out 2 nd floor window👍.


Time for caffeine and a walk while warm ish, then spread ashes in Driveway, want to see wild strawberries in my lawn again, used to be farmland 100 years back.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi there, Porch Peeps,

Hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day if you are into that.

Nothing much going on around here at all other than roller coaster temps. Once again we’re in the 60’s, but tomorrow it will drop again to the 30’s with wind and rain tonight. It’s already windy.

I sure hope the rest of you are leading a more exciting life than I am right now. 😴

@Frozenoem that melted corner...looks like more storms headed your way!


tried to be normal cat.jpg



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Hi, Porch Peeps,

Not much going on here. Hope everyone is healthy!

We may be getting some ice tonight. @Frozenoem... may be getting the snow.

We were at 70 degrees with sun yesterday…such a tease…today we are more than 30 degrees colder.

Hoping if we do get the ice the power lines hold.

Everyone stay safe with whatever weather you may be getting.


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Quiet here folks!   I do not mean to be so quiet but I am in "moving mode" and there is so much to remember!   @Frozenoem  Love that 30s picture, we looked similar in the 60s.   Weather on the warmish side, they took out all very cold nights from the forecast.

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Morning Monday 5* and cloudy with 5-7” of snow coming today, guess that keeps rain off table.👍


Tried “wordles” my brain said stick with crosswords, just easier.Covid is down in Maine👍 Might get my surgery this year,trying to get li-ion batteries in my chest, dizziness may mean need for pacemaker.


For joyful picture of the good old days prior to my become a twinkle found this 30’s vintage photo of the school bus , for Maine snows on backcountry roads.



Will be in & out, going stir crazy here.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@catwoman500 , not sure how I like it, but Commanders it is.  I am sure it will grow on everyone -- no choice!


Took me 5 tries to get Wordle today.


Wordle 229 5/6







Same thing as yesterday -- too many choices for the first 4 letters and I kept picking the wrong one. 😒 (The 'share" graphic they use doesn't seem to translate in a very orderly manner in this forum.)


Rainy, gloomy day, but it is almost in the 50s! 🌧

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Saturday 9* think Thursday’s storm has ended👍.


Plow has been down driveway three times in 2 days, might go out it’s only -5* with wind. Needed to start fire this AM, which in well insulated house means had to open front door.🤣


Looks like a normal Winter suddenly on powder snow Totals. Gonna be interesting shoveling out front door.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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No white stuff here, just cold nights.  Cold enough for extra heavy coat & mittens in the mornings.

I have to have urinary care cat food for Ellie and that is hard to find.  Bought a bag from Walmart, Purina One, quiteexpensive and it has mold spots!   Chewy sent a bag by mistake, happens to be urinary care and boy am I grateful.  I do not like trips to Walmart, especially on the weekends.


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Hello, Everyone,

We are having a nice sunny day today. It started out at 14, but we’re at 30 now and edging upwards. There will be a nice warming trend later this coming week. I’m pretty sure it won’t last though. LOL


@LaDolceVita …I don’t like Walmart at all no matter what day it is. Ugh! It’s weird, but I don’t feel safe there for some reason. Maybe it’s because a few people I know have worked there and have so many stories about theft and altercations. And my closest Walmart isn’t in what you would call a dangerous community at all.


@MsStretch ...The one thing that I thought when I started Wordle was that the letters could only be used once. Twice since I have been doing it, they have had a double letter in there.


@Frozenoem …Brrr! I was cold enough and then saw your photo. 😬 Hope you get out your door.


Stay safe, all!


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Wednesday morning heat wave time may hit 30-40* today and tomorrow. Snow deficit on Maine Mountains which takes down our water table come the Spring thaw.


Hoping for 9-12” Thursday PM to Friday PM, not fhe greatest but, I’ll take it. Did my blood draw of morning, and finished shoveling out the front door👍.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello, Porch Peeps,

Well, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow up on Gobbler’s Knob this morning, so apparently, we’ll be having 6 more weeks of winter here. Seems he sees his shadow 85% of the time with all the darn TV lights, so…go figure.

We’re in for a warm up with rain coming. This morning we had increasing fog, and it was a bit tricky as the cold and the fog didn’t mix well in the early hours, and we had “freezing fog.” Stepson said there was a little dicey patch on the PA turnpike as he was on his way here.


@MsStretch …glad you have yourselves a name for your team now. Do you like the name Commanders? When they had the short list on TV a while ago, I kind of liked the sound of that one.

Yesterday it took me all 6 tries in Wordle...worst I've ever done. It was that darn _ight...too many choices for first letter! 😾


@Frozenoem ...your 12" of snow may not be enough for you, but some of us don't even like 2" LOL 😬


Phil 2022Phil 2022


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Good morning everyone on this Tuesday morning February, 2022. 

Good morning to all of you out there on this first Tuesday of February 2022. We are expecting a sunny day with a high of 40* today. Mary is already out for her morning walk. It is forecasted that many of you are facing another wind and snow blitz in the days ahead. Yet those of us here in Southern Wisconsin are facing a snow deficit of about 10".

Stay safe and stay well. 




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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@catwoman500 , I average 3 - 5 tries, most being 5 (by 1).  It's taken me all 6 tries twice, but *knocking on wood* I haven't NOT gotten it yet.  19 day streak. 🤞

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Anybody else playing Wordle?  New game sweeping the 'net.  No app.  Play in your browser.  You get 6 tries to guess a five-letter word.  New word every day.  Got my best day ever.  Took me only 2 tries.


Wordle 226 2/6

🟨 🟨


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@MsStretch ...I'm loving Wordle! It makes me feel smart. I've done it for a couple of weeks now, and only once did I get it in 2 tries! But it has never taken me 5 tries. I average 3-4 tries. I like when it says, "impressive" or "Splendid!" Just wish you could play it more than once a day, but I guess that is the entice you to keep coming back. 😻 

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We still have about a 10" snow deficit for our winter here so far. We definitely have had our share of subzero temperatures and major windchills.

Only expecting normal winter temperatures and small chances of light snow for the next 10 days.

For those in the teeth of the winds and snow. Stay home, be safe and stay well. 

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Us here too, Dave...but then I live in Iowa, so I think our weather has been pretty much the same this winter so far.   Yep, subzero temps keep me at home and indoors...but to race out and fill my bird feeders.

I feel for all in the path of the blizzards!  Ditto on staying home, warm, and safe from me too.

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Hope everyone north of me -- @catwoman500 , @Frozenoem  -- is hunkered down and warm.  The 'BIG snowstorm' 🌨️ just clipped us on its sweep to the north. I'm currently looking at only about 1".  PA and ME expected to see significantly more with MA getting hammered in full blizzard mode!

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Relatively hunkered down may need to bring in more wood, snow pants at the ready, etc and airing up the wood cart.


For your feral food dilemma try tractor supply dot com, prices there are still normal🤔. I passed piles when I picked up new tires at store last week. It’s also on website.  Fishalcious and Shreds.


Looks like coast will be hammered 24-28” , here only 12-15”, camp further north 4-8”. Or by Maine standards a total 💩shoot on snow totals.



Checked my bleeder valve in bsmt for just in case of power outage to keep from freezing pipes. Battery charger is charging for cell phones, etc,

Just need to pry garage door open, it froze shut at -35* the other night and town plows will plow me out or in.









Mass made it official on highway, from niece.

And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Checking to see if all those in the path of the blizzard are OK and have power.  We do not have snow just extreme cold.  No post from  @catwoman500  yet I hope she has power. 


There is a shortage of pet food here too and I have had to switch brands but it is better than it was.   My Chewy delivery has been delayed a few times but they are pretty reliable. 

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Hey, all!

@LaDolceVita ...Alive and well here. Power is still on. Still snowing and blowing, but not as much as it is at the Jersey shore area. we have about 6-7 inches so far. Don't expect to see much more. It is slowing down. I'll be stuck in here for a day or so. Way too cold to go out and "try" to shovel. It's 16, and with the wind, feels like 1. You stay warm!


@Frozenoem ...hope everything goes OK up there! Same with the rest of you. @MsStretch , @RosemaryF433825@DaveMcK.


Have you all seen the new White House cat, Willow?


Willow BidenWillow Biden


She is so pretty. She was named for Willow Grove, PA, where Dr. Jill grew up. Dr. Biden lived for a while right here in Hatboro, then moved to Willow Grove, next town over...2 min from here.


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First of all yes, there were several photos online along with the story of Willow....and she's very pretty.  YAY!  Our country has a "First Cat" living in the White House.  (I personally find that very cool!)


Frozen:  Thanks so much for your good wishes.  Every time I read about you and your woodpiles, it brings back memories of my old house and our woodburning furnace.  Loved that enveloping heat, but Lordy was all that wood hauling, dragging it into the basement, and stacking it a job as we got older...and became too much for me as I got older.  

I can't enjoy that enveloping heat anymore, but I can just press a button to get warm now.  And that has been a good thing.

PLEASE stay safe working that wood! 

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@RosemaryF433825 , Amazon is looking at shipping one - two weeks out and last I looked, a variety pack of Shreds was $40!  Double the price!  No thank you.


Anyway, picked up my 2 variety packs of Shreds (40-count) from Walmart and Chewy alerted me to my order arriving tomorrow, minus the Fish-a-Licious again with another discount on next order.  So that means I will have another Shreds pack.  120 cans should last me a month until my next autoship.


You're lucky you are not seeing a shortage, Rosemary.  Much of the rest of the country is not so lucky. 


📰Pet owners, rescue groups affected by a shortage of canned cat food

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 We aren't totally unscathed here!   I notice some empty (people) food shelves here too.  And some brands have been replaced with generics.  But all in all, yep...I think we've been lucky. Gas prices last week in the city were between $3.07 and $3.19 still.  So I consider that really lucky!

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I would SERIOUSLY be glad to check my stores in the city for you, and send you some of what you need, MsStretch!   Remember, I'm a cat mother, too.  😺😸😽

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Thanks so much for the offer, @RosemaryF433825 , but I am sitting on 3 40-packs right now.  Chewy came through on the Shreds and I was able to score a couple more right after Walmart got a shipment in.  Whew! 😮💨 It's a cat-eat-cat(food) world out there.


BTW, @Frozenoem , there is a TractorSupply store about 15 miles from here and my neighbor (and co-caretaker of the shed kitties + 2 of her own) did order from them.  UPS has got to be hating us -- between all the heavy boxes of Chewy, TractorSupply, and Walmart orders of cat food getting delivered. 😁



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So glad things came through for you and your pusses!  Please keep me in mind for the future, should you have cat food worries again. 😀 

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Greetings, Good Morn, etc. etc. Everyone!!!!

Been tarnation cold here the past couple of days.  I neither go out (but to feed the birds) nor let my outdoor pusses outside when it's this bad.  -35 windchill is NOT my cup of tea.  

And speaking of pusses....


So sorry to read of the cat food shortages!  The pet stores in the city are well-stocked, and even the grocery stores here.   (I've never used Chewy before.)  

Have you tried ordering some food from Amazon, maybe?  


Wishing everyone a warm, lovely day!


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@catwoman500 , thanks for the suggestion and links.  I checked and there is a pet food bank/charity near me, but I am willing to pay for the cat food and there are plenty of colonies and homeless cats that would probably benefit although I am sure they are experiencing shortages too, since they mostly rely on donations. 


I am not sure if Chewy makes sure they can fill their autoships before listing availability on website, but I do know that if I don't already have it on my list, I can't add anything not in stock.  I tried.  I don't think they ever got Fish-a-Licious the entire month and that is why I never got it.  I'll find out with the shreds, but hoping I don't just get the litter (also on my autoship).  I also thought I'd adjust my order and 86 the variety packs (always the most popular) and just order 4 or 5 cases of single cans in the kids' favorite flavors (there's always one kind in the variety pack that no cat likes 🙄), but they are sold out of those even!  Loathe to remove anything from the list that's not already there, but in the future I think I might go to the cases vs. variety packs.


Never thought I'd be stressing over where the furkids' next meal was coming from. 😔

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