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FB_IMG_1546036171423.jpgGood morning to everyone on the Front Porch! Welcome to 2019. We had an overnight snow to ring in the new year. Going to be a slow day today. 



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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch this Saturday morning.

Photo From My Favorite Things Friends Post On Facebook! Welcome to Saturday! ❤🍩😘🙏




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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20* with another heatwave to 36* coming.



From December snake makes fairly good eating, tastes like white meat chicken. If not misspelled.


Feel a banh mi coming for breakfast, left overs but, good.


Time to bring in more wood, a storm comes In a few more days.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good morning, Front Porchers!

It's 32 degrees, sunny, with no snow.  Yippee! I guess I'll  start my annual countdown to Spring.  Spring begins on March 20th.  So we've got 75 days til SPRING!!!  Not that I'm rushing it, but it's nice to have something to look forward to.   I'm still fighting this cold and so far it's kicked my butt pretty darn good.  Regardless, going to make the best of each day.


Hope the new year will be the best for all Our Front Porchers!






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Sorry to hear about your cold. Hope you are on the way to a recovery soon. I know I have had pneumonia twice. Just can't seem to get better. 

Frozenoem... I hope you got the package, my daughter had to mail it for me. The same daughter, Ashley, who purchased my dogs licenses in the wrong town. I will explain. I live in Shrewsbury Township, Eatontown zip code. Ashley went to Eatontown for the dog licenses. So, the pups will be licensed in 2 towns this year. But, my daughter Ashley tried. Happy national spaghetti Day to all!!!.




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Good morning, Front Porchers!

It's Sunday morning and it's 35 degrees, sunny, and dry.  Still no snow which makes me happy as all get out!


Thanks Nancy for your thoughts and well-wishes.  I'm still dealing with this cold (or it's dealing with me).  But I'm feeling better--little by little, day by day.  The sunshine definitely helps my general mood and overall disposition.


Anyway, Everyone stay warm!  It' only 73 days til Spring!!!

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Hi, All,

It's so nice to have sun today after a day of dismal rain all day yesterday. Puts spring in my step (yeah, right). 44 degrees, not bad for January!

Even though I hardly slept last of those nights Cat Frustrated...I did get around to taking all the candles out of the windows upstairs and down, brought in the floodlight, snowman, wreaths and bows, and packed all of the inside decorations. Running on fumes right now, so the tree will remain untouched until I have more energy. And the boxes and bins remain down here until I can get them upstairs. But, at least I made a dent in it. Cat Tongue

Hope everyone had a decent weekend and you're all looking forward to a good week. N.

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Greetings All

Yes, the sun is shining in New Jersey too. I have been watching my girlfriends 🐕 since Wednesday. She returned yesterday. However, it seems a branch caused a power outage over here yesterday. I was unable to leave my driveway for most of the day.  All sorts of emergency equipment was parked up and down the street. Power back on, I will be taking Levi back home soon. 

Hope all is well.... Nancy


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Put this in the wrong place:

@LaDolceVita...I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in- law. Sending condolences and blessings to her family. N. Heart

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23* sleepless nights are a pita, slept with heating pad for minor injury or the upcoming storm for weekend.


Today we warm to 40* and I was beginning to welcome the falling snowpack down to 18” from a high of 30”.


Several cups of freshly brewed later it will be shovel out oil fill, and maybe sleep.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good morning, Our Front Porchers!

It's the 2nd of January and I'm still battling a cold and throat problems. But I've been improving slowly and feel well enough to return to work today. Anyway, it's 28 degrees here, but they say it feels like 21.  Furnace has been roaring all night.  So I know it's super cold out.  Plus, although we don't have snow yet, everything is frost covered. Not that I'm complaining at all cuz I'm just glad to see the new year! Hopefully, it'll be a better year for one and all.


I hope that all of the Front Porchers are doing well today and wish each and every one the best in the year ahead!

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It's interesting to see all these pictures of snow.  None available from here.  We are the opposite, setting records for warmth.  Yesterday morning it was a low of 64.  That's our normal high temperature for a January day.  In addition we are having more rain, so it's muggy and feels more like a cool summer day.  I'm grateful that my heating bills will be lower this winter if it continues, but I hope we get some cold weather soon.  Otherwise our peach crops will be damaged.

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Wishing everyone on Our Front Porch a blessed and Happy New Year!  

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Happy New Year, Porch Peeps!

It's 51 and sunny! Wahoo! After a rainy New Year's Eve, it's nice to see the sun and the bonus warmer temps. Thought I'd take the opportunity to run the pump and get some of the water off the pool cover before it freezes up again.

Last night was nice. We had our celebration at a friend's and then I took our most "senior" member home after we watched the ball drop on TV. Her daughter had dropped her off.

It is amazing how quickly the holidays come and go. I'll miss all the bright lights in the neighborhood. I already see my next-door neighbor's tree out for pick up. Mine is artificial and will remain up for a while until I get the urge to start taking it down.

Cheers for a healthy 2019! N.