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Good morning everyone on this THURSDAY morning APRIL 1, 2021. 













Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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This just in...

BREAKING: Colonial announces pipeline restart, says normal service will take 'several days'

Colonial Pipeline, operator of the largest U.S. fuel pipeline, said Wednesday it is restarting operations after being shut down for five days due to a cyberattack that crippled its operations and led to gas shortages. The company said it will take several days for gasoline supply chain to return to normal.

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@catwoman500 , if you have half a tank, you should be good to go.  Yep, pipeline back in operation at 5 PM.  Most stations in the area were sold out.  But just the fact that gas is flowing again should calm most people's fears and they will quit buying like we are in an apocalypse.

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@catwoman500    Well at least that sounds promising.  When I went to fill up on gas before leaving for my business trip this afternoon, gas had gone up a little but not too bad here in the Midwest.

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@MsStretch   I just read about the Pipeline shutdown for all you Southern and Eastern folks!

So very sorry to hear that.  It reminds me of when I was on a business trip when 9/11 happened and everyone was going crazy at the gas pumps.


 I don't know if that will affect us as far as prices in the Midwest.  But luckily, I keep an extra gas stash at all times out here in the woods.  I never know when I may need it, or come across someone who ran out of gas that I could help.  😇

These are crazy times that just keep getting crazier!   Stay hopeful, friends!

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They're asking people not to fill up if unnecessary because that will drain supplies and drive prices up.  Also not to travel in southeastern states unless absolutely necessary because that will cause widespread outages.  But, of course, nobody listens and a mass hysteria ensues and the panic is on. 🙄  Witness the TP debacle last year.


@RosemaryF433825 , I was reading that the shortage may drive up prices in the affected area, but other states not served by the pipeline should see minimal price increases this summer. 

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@MsStretch Thanks for that info.  I know gas prices always go up starting around Memorial weekend and then of course for the summer.  So I'm used to that.  I wonder how many people will be on the road this summer, what with the vaccine now available and businesses starting to reopen.  I hope tourism will be much business would certainly be smiling if it will.   🤗

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Good morning everyone on this Saturday morning of May, 2021. 

Hoping every mother is having a wonderful Mother's day weekend! CONGRATULATIONS to our families newest mother Emma and Granddaughter Adalyn! Happy Mother's day weekend to Grandma Mary. 











Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Top of the morning Dave and everyone On the Front Porch! Hope everyone is doing well and in good spirits 🙂. Congratulations on your newest granddaughter!! Would like to wish all the mother's here A Wonderful Blessed Mother's Day!!!! Have a great day everyone 🙂😁

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Yes, YES!   Wishing all Ladies here a Happy Mom's Day!!   And I blow a kiss to the heavens to my own Mom, Aunts, and Grands who brought me up surrounded with their LOVE!

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Hello, all Porch Peeps!

Happy Mother's Day.jpg


Today didn't have a very good weather forecast, but so far it hasn't rained. It actually started out sunny very early, but quickly turned to clouds. The temps aren't being nice either...too cool for this time of the year.

Grocery store was bustling early this morning. Not sure why people leave a special day like this to the last minute. I'd want everything in place and ready to go if I was planning something for a mom.

My friend was treated to brunch with her sons and family, and then was able to get a walk in, too. I'm happy there hasn't been rain so far.

I hope all you moms and grandmas out there have a wonderful day. You all deserve the best!





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Good afternoon everyone on this Wednesday May  5th, 2021. I took a walk this afternoon after lunch and took some pictures of the flowering trees and some budding flowers on our grounds. Hoping everyone has a restful night's sleep. 

Our apartment is shown in the upper righthand corner of the first two pictures!











Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Have laid in my initial supply of Repel Tick Defense.  Couldn't find it at local Walmart, so ordered a dozen cans on  (Love that picaridin and Repel is cheaper than Sawyer.)  Already pulled a couple of the little suckers off back in March, so every subsequent hike was/is prefaced with a liberal spray-down. 


And speaking of more bugs, back to using water plates for the kitty bowls so the kids have a chance before the ants breech the sides and carry off the shreds and meaty bits.



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Thursday 6th 45* and cloudy🤔.




Still working on last can of Sawyers from my case, bought it from logging supply store a couple years back, cheaper than Wally World.


2018-19 🤔 maybe, still remember buying replacement birch hook tips and chains for saws.🤣.


Guess I won’t be photographing ETA this year, have been cursing at Dell, this week times 400.  Note to all, if you have a 2009 anything Dell to this year update your computer thru Dell, they had an issue with one driver since then.


Information hopefully, in Computer tips.Getting a tad punchy, been updating networks and friends, AND playing catch up with Mac and iOS, Routers and …


Still don’t like working around unvaccinated people and some are still believers in R’s or that other guy.


So, it’s hazmat suit for me, respirator and hazard pay, double time. My lawyer said go for it👍. Or hire someone else.😎


300 more infections in Maine yesterday, 3 partners dead, we’re allowed to be nervous.


Everyone vaccinated you’re golden, standard rates apply👍.

Figured it was just time.😎 When I got last shot, one week later opened to everyone in Maine.NO EXCUSES Accepted😎


Time to make some calls





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem    Heya Froze...

Me, I've always had Macs.  If a prob, it's usually due to my "lovely" Internet service provider.  They can usually find fault at their end when I call, and fix it pretty pronto.

Don't blame ya for being leery around unvaccinated people.  Three partners dead?  So sorry.  I don't think we should be quite as casual yet as the powers that be say we should.  

Been reading online of some of the MOST far-fetched stories people are putting out about side effects from vaccine.  And of course that just adds more paranoia to those who haven't gotten theirs yet.  (heavy sigh) 

Ah well....someday, this too shall pass.




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One friend of 40 years just came off ventilator, 6 friends total died last year.


Have one baggie left to scatter🙏, mud suit required. Cremains is a very dirty word this year.

And balance says not happening for awhile.👎🏻

Update your Mac, think I mentioned them in post in Computers (another) and Linux, routers, and think even Flash for running Mahjong etc thru AARP, etc.


Me thinks next Windows update will remove and effectively kill it this month or July.


Presently need nap AND then back to grind. Terminal mode to remove password from iMac to keep data safe, need to be functioning on all cylinders for that🤬Equivalent of Dos to Windows users 🤣


Still love/hate reaction to 🍎, love IPhone ios 14.5.1, iffy on patch last week and this week a new patch for Mac’s & iOS.


Tomorrow is playtime for Apple/Mac/iMac and the joy of operating systems- yeesh. Buying some for earth crunchy “ no e-waste” non profit.


We’re both gagging over new product price, and waste streams.


At least Windows can be repurposed and upgraded semi-easily. Pentalobes screws are a PITA.🤣



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello, All,

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

We are having pouring rain right now and expect it for the rest of the day. Open windows; close windows...the story of this week so far. Back to the 60's we go today and will remain in the 60's for a while.

Wish I had thought ahead and bought some ingredients for tacos or at least a Margarita.

Oh, least no bugs can bug me today inside or out. 😸

Enjoy your day today with or without a Margarita!





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Good morning everyone on this first Sunday morning of May, 2021. 

I have my mug of coffee in hand and am watching CBS Sunday Morning News. Hoping everyone is having an enjoyable last day of the weekend.

We are looking at a high of 80* and rain moving in later this afternoon and lasting until tomorrow evening. 

May the next week bring us all better days and restful nights.







Spring flowers are here in full bloom!

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Good morning Tuesday 48* left house for ETA Aquarids this pre Dawn. Cameras, Cell, film and digital, tripods, etc.


Pointed my toes to Eastern sky and fell asleep on a picnic table.

Sprinkles woke me up just now, guess that means no photography when tired.


Guess I’ll try again Wednesday and Thursday. Link may appear🤣


ETA Aquarids 


Small town life no one woke me up, and gear intact. Next time I’ll bring happiness caffeine.




The siding piece was found by neighbor in his manure pit, soft landing 5 miles away.


Returned 5 minutes ago, pre-washed👍🤣





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi Porch Peeps!

May the Fourth be with you.jpg


Happy Star Wars Day!

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@RosemaryF433825 ...Nope, the Spotted Lantern Fly is not even close to those sweet little lightning bugs/fireflies that we used to catch in the summer evenings. This is an invasive bug that has been catastrophic to the environment and economy in many parts of PA, and the threat exists for a more profound impact on industries and ecosystems into the future.

The bad bugs hatch at the end of April or early time to keep an eye out for and destroy them at all costs. The more eggs destroyed now and the more lantern flies trapped and killed, the fewer there will be later in the summer.



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@catwoman    I looked up some information on them, and they sound nasty all the way around!   Not only do they destroy plants, but they leave this sugary substance behind that encourages the growth of black, sooty mold.  Ewww!  NOT GOOD!    I've been fearful of the ash borer invading around here, as I have lots of ash trees my late husband planted.  In the nearest city, they are already cutting them down and planting non-ash trees.  Nature is interesting and lovely, until it turns on humans and causes damage to things we enjoy!

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All this talk of bugs, ash borers have hit 3 towns in southern Maine.


Have been checking my trees for damage with small bag for their little carcasses.


Need colder temps to keep the buggers at bay. Not enough -40* temps this year or snow for that matter.


But, thanks for the reminder, need to mist clothes for tick prevention.And stock up on essentials Deep Woods Off for skin, just for skeeters and black flies.


If they land on shirts, socks, pants it’s bye bye time.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem ...Ooops! Sorry you missed the meteors! 😿

Glad your siding piece was returned...what a flight that had!

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@DaveMcK   Good Sunday Morn to you too!


I have my mug in hand and am just about ready for a second cup after watching "Sunday Morning,"  my fav Sunday morning show.  👍

Hopefully it won't be as windy today as it was yesterday.  I tried going outside, but the wind was doing a number on anything that wasn't tied down (including me.)  And the way it was blowing the gravel dust around, visibility was awful.  So I had to go back inside.  ☹️

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow...and I hope it will be sincere this time.  We need water so badly here in the countryside and the woods.  And my poor flowers have a bad case of the "droops."  I'm not so hot at rain dancing, so keeping my fingers crossed.


Hope everyone is enjoying this very first Sunday of May 2021!  Stay well... be joyful!


Trusted Social Butterfly



Hi there, Peeps!

It's a cloudy mild afternoon here in the Philly burbs. Looking at some rain or thunderstorm action later. Only in the high 60's today, but back to the 80's tomorrow before another cool down. Always a roller coaster ride.


Lots of insects around lately...lots more than usual. I'm sure there is a meteorological reason for it, but I'm no Al Roker. Twice as I opened the car door, a giant bee flew in. Then as I was shooing that one out, a smaller one flew into the opening around the driver's side rearview mirror. Also, it's mating season for carpenter bees and they have been buzzing around the breezeway roof. A couple of hateful flies have somehow come inside with me, and the other day there was a wasp in the living room! I'm happily awaiting the hatching of the praying mantis cocoons that are once again in my barberry bush.

Hope nothing is "bugging" you! 😹


Have you seen the new stamps? I should have bought more than one book:


Right up my alley!Right up my alley!


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@catwoman500   Ohhh!  I dearly LOVE meerkats!!   They are such a sweet group!

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@catwoman500, speaking of bugs, have you seen any cicadas yet?  I love the cicadas!  They fascinate me.  Looks like MD is the epicenter with PA, DC, VA, and DE seeing them too.  Alas, it looks like I may be a tad too far south to see that many, if any. 

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@MsStretch    Here you are!  Just for uuuuu!Just hanging around.....Just hanging around.....

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@MsStretch ...I knew there was something else bug related I was going to mention! cicadas or spotted lantern flies yet. Cicadas creep me out. During my early days of teaching, one of my little first graders (bound to be a scientist, I'm sure) collected cicada shells...enough for everyone in the class, and she showed us how we could wear them just by sticking them on to our clothes. UGH! Of course, not to stifle her enthusiasm, I stuck this ugly thing on my sweater and wore it the whole day. Teachers' lunch room was grossed out. HA! 😂

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@catwoman500   Are you meaning fireflies when you say spotted lantern flies? Or as we call them in the Midwest..."lightening bugs?"

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