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Let's End the Siloing and Join the Rest of the Community


Let's End the Siloing and Join the Rest of the Community

Ageism is so entrenched, we do it to ourselves.

It is harmful and we don't always see it or hear it.  It may be more deadly than cigarette smoking.


I suggest that we work toward ridding our culture of the unnecessary need to identify and categorize folks by their age.  Instead of Senior Centers, let's have Community Centers; instead of discount based upon age let's set up time of day discounts ($5 movies before 5pm..for all); instead of senior housing multi-generational housing;   The artifical separation results in isolation, and misunderstandings.  


Siloing is a relatively new behavior. In part born of the marketers to sell anti-aging products.


I believe our country needs the older adults, and right now they are considered out of step and infirm, hardly worth listening to or including.


Let's encourage our communities to be inclusive when setting up programs and events.  Let's be sure our information sources don't call our someones age necessarily, or label someone over 55 as elderly. 


We can make it better a word at a time.

Patty Wait
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I disagree with you on many point! My wife and I have lived in a Silo Senior Center for about two years.

During this Covid-19 period our living here has shown that it is easier to be isolate  from the idiots that are not willing to be vaccinated and protect the vulnerable from their germ caring unmasked mouths.

Here in Madison, Wisconsin which is considered one of the most Senior friendly cities in the country we are now a center for protests and full fledged riots. Drugs have ramped up in parts of the City as have drive-by shootings. 

This makes our Senior Silo Community very welcome in the late evenings instead of going to a Broadway play at the Overature Center as we did for years. We don’t have to worry about being Car-jacked by a couple 16 year old girls on the way home.

Give me our fourth floor apartment in our Silo any time. 




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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WOW- I agree!

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