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How Do You Get Your News?

As a former journalist way way back in my early career life, I'm still always curious about how a society gets the information that forms the basis of understandings useful for daily life. I'd make this a poll but can't figure out how to do that on this platform. So, which options below do you employ?


You get news from:

  • local newspapers -- e.g. Chicago Tribune, St Louis Post, Seattle Times, etc
  • New York Times and/or Washington Post
  • Wall Street Journal
  • local TV news
  • CNN
  • FOX or Breitbart or Newsmax or OANN
  • NPR
  • Apple News, and/or Yahoo News and/or Bloomberg News 
  • Associated Press and/or Reuters
  • Huffington Post and/or USA Today and/or Politico
  • other

Being a bit of a news junkie, I skim through my NYT app in the morning on the way to the mini crossword. I get Washington Post and Seattle Times summaries in my email, which I don't always read. I listen to NPR in the car, and get CNN alerts on my phone when something major is happening in the world. On Sunday mornings, I watch ABC, NBC, CNN and sometimes CBS. 


How about you?


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Reading through this thread it's a little surprising not to see PBS News Hour mentioned more often.  They have a reputation for striving for objectivity in reporting.  60 Minutes fans might also enjoy Frontline (PBS).

...most consistent news intake for me is tuning in to a local TV station at 1/4 till and/or 1/4 past the hour to see the weather forecast...get it from the web when circumstances require, but there is still something about watching and listening to a local meteorologist on the TV that is appealing.

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My sources are somewhat limited.


Other sports channels.

CBS Sunday Morning News and 60 Minutes.

Local news during the morning, noon and evening.

A lot of Googling for sure!

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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The San Francisco Chronicle is on Twitter as @SFGate.


Also via Twitter: Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Breitbart, Cable News Network, Fox, Huffington Post, Newsmax, OANN, Politico, Reuters, The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.


Other on-line sources are Gab and Reddit.




Radio: American Public Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Company, National Public Radio

In addition to the above, I get news from a variety of other sources from England, France, Germany, and Mexico. Also a few other, not necessarily reliable, sources including this one.


I was participating on Facebook until it banned me without explanation or recourse.


I suspect it was because I created a NOTE explaining why I've been boycotting Nestlé for many years but I really don't know.

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  • My local sources on TV news on CBS and NBC stations.
  • CBS and NBC national television news mornings and evening.
  • CBS Sunday Morning and 60 minutes evening reporters. 
  • Posts on internet about world affairs like the pandemic, hurricanes, human interest stories that are good news type stories
  •  Stories impacting my fellow Veterans be it improved health care to homelessness and suicides due to lack of care by the VA or poor local support groups.
  • I do a lot of research on the internet on subjects I post on Facebook and the Front Porch on AARP!
Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Thanks for including 60 minutes -- I don't know how I forgot about that since I watch it every week, pretty much.

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@DeahWA  Got rid of my cable tv service ( don't miss it ),  don't get the newspaper any more,

so I mostly get my news on line, the local talk radio station ( Phoenix ) listen to NPR when I get a chance.  ---  Christine

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Since I discovered a website that real time streams ALL tv channels that I'd ever want to watch, including non news, I'm debating deleting my cable too. 


I get most of my news from local radio news stations.


Unless it's some huge, breaking story, I almost never watch newscasts or any of the 24-hour cable news stations. 


And if the radio is teasing a story that piques my interest and I'm near my computer, I just look it up and get the info I'm looking for rather than sit through countless segments.


Over coffee in the morning, I used to scroll through Google News. But I'm not going to it as often or spending as much time there as I used to.


I liked it because it can be customized. If I didn't want to see stories from certain news sources, I'd block them and nothing from those sites appear in my (default) feed anymore.


The way we get news is changing, and certainly journalism itself is changing. I'm not fond of some changes I see, and that's why I don't bother scrolling through news aggregators like Google News as one would flip through a newspaper, as much as I used to.


My grandparents used to watch network (national) news every evening — the 6:00 news, I think. My mother used to watch the (local) 10:00 news every night. But none of my family or friends does either anymore. 

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For as much as I use Google to check facts and look up stuff, it's funny I've never clicked on Google News. I may have to try that out out. LOL

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We get our local newspaper delivered daily, check stories out on Comcast and Microsoft Bing homepage, and watch mainly ABC and CNN. We love the CNN evening lineup after ABC World News Tonight. I've turned my wife into a news junkie too.

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I stopped reading actual paper newspapers after I had a job were I had to skim several  papers every day and clip out articles mentioning my employer. I got to point of hating the smell of newsprint and especially the ink on my fingers.

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My first job was folding/delivering newspapers...also never want to handle one again.

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I remember that newsprint ruining many pairs of gloves & mittens. 


Always watched the 11PM news, then the 4 AM news as I drift to sleep, only my Fox station had local news past 7AM. 


This last Repack created a nightmare for local TV reception for me. 

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