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Hartford Insurance Issues

I have 4 vehicles and just bought another one a 2014 Kia Sportage and wanted to try AARP recommended Hartford Insurance for this vehicle. I am retired and my wife and I both have a 5 year good driving ranking with GEICO, with whom I have had insurance with for over 50 years now.

Well what do you think the response was from Hartford on 08/02/2020?  See below:


"Thank you for contacting The Hartford.
Based on the information provided, The Hartford is unable to issue insurance coverage at this time."
Don't waste your time with Hartford go somewhere else for car insurance. From the threads on this site Hartford, after a couple of years will raise your rates by 30% to 70% for no reason.
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AARP does not monitor the companies it endorses.  As a vet I just received quotes on an Auto/Home bundle from USAA  that is $210.00/year less than Hartford and whose coverage exceeds The Hartford. When it comes to phone service many retirees, based on income, are entitled to free phone service from such government supported companies such as Q-Link. AARP receives kickbacks from it's endorsements and should therefore be suspect.

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@RichardH590013  This is not the best group to get any information about insurance!  This is a social group. AARP has  groups for topics like insurance. 

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