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Did your Mother, Grandma or Father bake

 My mother made some of the best pies ever! How about your mother, grandma or father bake?


Mother's pie were County Fair worthy!




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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What a great topic! I loved reading about the yummy creations you all have enjoyed and reminiscing with you!


My paternal grandmother is a baker and a cook. She's always been gifted when it comes to kitchen creations. My favorite thing that she bakes is her coffee cake. She also makes so many wonderful Christmas cookies 🎄


Additionally, my mom is also quite gifted and talented in the kitchen (even though her mom despised cooking and baking). It's hard to select one favorite! She bakes amazing almond bars, and I also love her buttermilk pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 🥞 She also makes super tasty pizza crust (and then the entire pizza too) 🤤


Both my mom and grandma live in MN. Now that I am in DC, I miss their cooking so much! At least I have their recipes for my favorite things so I can make them, but it's definitely not the same as when they are baked with the love of mom or grandma 💜

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My mother was a cook for a family related to the DuPont's so needless to say she was a fabulous cook. 

She worked a lot so she taught me how to cook and I was pretty good but not as good as she was. I miss her cooking very much and as I have gotten older I actually miss baking because there is not any family here enough to eat it anymore. 

My mother used to make me as a teen have dinners started before she got home from work, and being strict I had better have had it done or else.

Then she also taught me to cook as a young mother waiting for my Marine husband who was only home 6 months out of 4 years. 

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@DaveMcK ...Your pie photos remind me that although my mother hated to cook (and passed that along to me, LOL), she was a pie baker. We had cherry trees and an apple tree in our backyard when I was a kid, and every June we would bake cherry pies to beat the band and then freeze them. In the fall it was apple pies and applesauce (from the ones on the ground).

My mom also made the best lemon meringue pie in the world, and to this day I don't eat that pie if it is ever available because I know it wouldn't measure up to hers.

She also made rhubarb pie...not strawberry and rhubarb like most people was just plain rhubarb, but man could she make that pie taste like the sweetest thing.

Oh, and then in August when the peaches came to the farm stands, she would make great peach pies. The best peaches were from New Jersey...just like the best tomatoes are Jerseys.

My dad was an artist and he would make the best free-hand pancake shapes. he'd just pour the batter in the pan and there would be witches riding brooms, cats, and all kinds of special holiday pancakes.

Alas, I don't bake or cook much, but I can make a mean chocolate fudge! 

Thanks for letting me reminisce! 😸

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My Maternal Grandmother was a hypochondriac and it consumed her life much of the time. She read medical journals and imagined she had many of the illnesses. It took so much of the joy out of her life and was very hard on my Grandfather and my mother. She did not cook or bake!


On the other hand my oldest daughter is a great cook and makes great baked goods. She learned a lot from my wife and mother!

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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