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Check Life Insurance Policy!


Hello Community,

Hope you enjoyed the Sunny Summer and now the cool down is delightful!

Have to share an Experience about my

Life Insurance with Met Life. About 40

years ago when I got married my husband took out a Family Plan and with the birth of each child (3) added and covered until their age to be taken off. All of these years I knew that I was covered if I should pass. I was informed that my part of the Insurance was paid up! However, my husband passed and I used the Policy for his Funeral. I still knew that I was covered? However, I was informed that my Paid up on my Policy was less than $3,000? Fortunately I had other Policies on myself! I was told from Met Life Headquarters that my Husband was the

Primary holder of the Policy and although he was deceased, at his age of

85, my Paid Up was not there! Take the

Paid Out amount or lose the amount left!

So, Community Check your Insurance

Policies . Maybe some of you knew this Information but after 40 yrs. I wasn’t aware of this. Believe me I disputed this

in a Professional manner but lost lots of

Insurance Coverage.

Community hopefully my Experience will help someone who think that they have a “Life Insurance Policy with Coverage.” Also check the Type of Insurance that you have!

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@sunday46 wrote

Also check the Type of Insurance that you have!


Knowing the Type and understanding how it works is definitely VERY IMPORTANT -

There are SO many different types to choose from when 1st signing up - 


It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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